Acquisitions Monday June 5 - Sunday June 11

Discussion in 'The Score' started by Scotto, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Scotto

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    What, no scores yesterday? Shame on you!

    I'll start the week off, then. I got a tub of good old Harris Almond cream. Yum....
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  2. So,

    When I heard about the possible upcoming B&B brush I swore that I would cut back on my purchases to save money for this brush. Well, it lasted for about 24 hours. I happened to be at Winners (don't know if the USA and/or European people know of this store or if it is Canada-specific) this evening with SWMBO and saw some highly discounted products from The real shaving Co (I've never seen these products before but thought that it would be worth a try at about $5 Canadian per item). Picked up their Moisturising shave cream, Daily Facial Scrub and Daily Skin Soothing Balm.
  3. Today I received DR Harris Arlington after shave milk, Trumper Limes skin food, and T&H Luxury shave soap. Can't wait to try 'em!
  4. 1 tube of Florena shaving cream
    1 bowl of Proraso Sapone da Barba

  5. I got one of those 500ml tubes (More of a bag really) of Proraso Sapone da Barba Cream from Italy.

  6. Think the package arrived tomorrow:

    - 1 bottle Spanish Floid
    - 1 bottle Italian Floid


  7. AJS


    Acquisitions on Wednesday 7th June:
    Merkur Slant Bar (Me? With a Slant hahahaha, the blood's gonna flow!)
    Feather Blades, finally (Me? With Feathers hahahahahaha, the blood's gonna flow some more!)
    Nancy Boy Facial Cleanser
    NB Shave Cream
    NB Aftershave
    Dovo Shavette
    Medium blade holders for shavette
    Merkur blades for shavette
    Fromm SS blades for shavette
    A small fortune in customs charges.

    OK, so all the hardcore, chainsaw juggling, glass chewing, Harley Davidson owning straight razor users out there will probably hold me in absolute contempt for getting a shavette, the "training bra" of the straight razor world (please note that I have never had any use for an actual training bra before we go on) but after my misadventures yesterday and the day before I prefer to think of it as an ingenious piece of forward thinking on my part.
    Warm regards,
  8. Received on Monday, 2 bowls of Kent Luxury soap. Pretty good soap for the price I paid.:smile:
  9. [​IMG]

    I look foward to trying it all out.

  10. guenron

    guenron Moderator Emeritus

    • D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne
    • Forbes of Forbes Cologne
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  11. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    Hmmm, I seem to be getting lots of stuff lately. Oh, well. Guess I'll have to suck it up.

    Taylor Rose
    Taylor Lemon&Lime
    Taylor Avocado
    Taylor Lavender
    Pre de Provence soap
    C&E Sandalwood
    Salters Vetiver
    Salters Wild Rose
    Barbasol brushless cream

    The Barbasol is a bit of a novelty. As per Charles of QED:

    ...once the manufacturer's current stock is exhausted, it will no longer be produced.

    This cream goes back to at least the early 40's ... and was supplied to the soldiers during WWII. It has a fabulous lilac scent. There is actually a tube in a museum in France that was found on one of the D-Day beaches ... still emanating its wonderful scent.

    It does indeed smell intensely of lilacs. i don't think I have ever smelled a grooming product quite like it. Fascinating.

    As for the Taylors, this is the first time I have encountered their reformulations. These creams smell quite different from what I am used to. I think I'll do a detailed comparison between new and old to set the record straight once and for all.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. [​IMG]

    From my trip to Florence:

    L'Occitane bourbon vanilla soap
    L'Occitane fig soap
    Crabtree & Evelyn Sienna soap
    Acca Kappa Cedro EDC
    Acca Kappa pura setola brush
    Acca Kappa White Moss shaving cream
    A bottle of Galliano

    Not in picture: 2 Massimo Dutti shirts, 2 silk ties, lots of cappuccino, ice cream, prosciutto, etc.

  14. Welldone same buyer as me from ebay? I got 2 of those tubes thinking thats all I ever need in my wetshave career little did I know of SCAD !!!!!!!!!!

    But its nice it seems the stuff never ends ! I can give a friend some sample aswell I got enough to last me 3 years...
  15. I was able to make my way home for a couple days and found quite a few nice surprises waiting for me from various places (Thanks for the B&B juice Rik!).


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  16. rtaylor61

    rtaylor61 Moderator Emeritus


    Tell more about the brush!

  17. Randy,

    I knew if that ebony beauty would catch anyone's eye, it'd be yours. :biggrin:

    It's an Edwin Jagger, ebony (style) silvertip with a chrome tipped handle (although I've also been told the finish is nickel plating, not chrome). Knot's probably around 22 mm. No clue on what the model is. Not huge, or super dense, but the bristles are nice and firm, and it's killer on some Tabac or QED.

  18. rschul2

    rschul2 Moderator Emeritus

    Glad to see you're enjoying that Tabac!
  19. Randy,

    In the past two months, that Tabac's been all over Minnesota from the Iowa border to the Canadian border, as well as Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, Northern & Southern California, and even Nevada. It's seen some use to say the least. :biggrin:

  20. [​IMG]

    Well, after Brian (Madmedic) mentioned colognes at TJ Maxx, I went to the local store (been 1 mile from my house these last 3 years and I've never been in it!). Couldn't find any Pecksniffs but scored a few goodies
    • Crabtree & Evelyn Sweet Almond Oil Shave Cream for $7 (and I had just bought 2 tubs over the week-end!)
    • Pre de Provence Verveine soaps ($3)
    • A Vetiver Linen spray ($3 smell great. I'm keeping this in the car!)
    • A Lavender/Tea Tree hand soap ($3)
    So overall I'm a sucker for sales and scents

    Then when I got home, my Crabtree & Evelyn box arrived.
    • A best badger brush for my brother (note alliteration)
    • A glass tub of Nomad for me
    • Jojoba hand soaps for SWMBO
    • A free sample of lavender hand cream for us to share
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