Acquisitions: Monday June 25th-Sunday July 1st

Discussion in 'The Score' started by Taz, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Taz


  2. Received today from QED. (Sorry haven't figured out how to post a pic yet)

    SR 3118 Silvertip
    TOBS Tub of Avocado Cream
    Proraso Green
    Florida Water/Bottle
    Hoyt's Cologne/Bottle
  3. Edwin Jagger small super.

  4. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    *Jaw on the ground*
    There... there... there was tea tree to be had somewhere?! :frown:

    *sniffle* :wink:

    Congratulations on your haul Taz! :w00t:
  5. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    Knize Ten shaving soap in wooden bowl x2.:biggrin:
  6. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    D.R. Harris Sandalwood After Shave Splash
  7. I just received my Ted Pella GEM blades (200):w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
  8. Hey Gang,

    Here are my acquisitions during my trip to Düsseldorf. I didn't save any money on the Slant, just the novelty of buying a German razor in Germany. If it doesn't look so shiny, that's cause I ran back to my hotel and used it. All previous reports of the Slant's prowess for smooth shaves were confirmed. The De Vergulde Hand was brought to Germany by a Belgian co-worker...called in a favor on that one. :wink2:

    The biggest missing piece is Speick. I couldn't find it in Düsseldorf or Cologne.


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  9. johnniegold

    johnniegold Moderator Emeritus

    Received this from Barbieria Italiana along with a blade sampler that was thrown in. I picked up the Brut cologne on the way home.
  10. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    Sample pack from Colleen at The Gentleman's Quarter which included:

    Desert Ironwood
    Cavendish Black

    Bay Rum w/ Sweet Orange

    Body Soaps:
    Orange Patchouli
    Sandalwood & Vanilla

    EdC Samples:
    Bay Rum w/ Sweet Orange

  11. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    This nice little vintage NOS brush arrived today.
  12. Had a nice experience with Musicman (Loren) recently, regarding a razor sent to me. The thing looked new for gosh sakes, and was sent out quickly and was packed well also.
    It was a pleasure doing a deal with this member.
    Thanks again Loren,
  13. rtaylor61

    rtaylor61 Moderator Emeritus

    I thought "Coles" was the store from "Miracle on 34th Street"!

  14. johnniegold

    johnniegold Moderator Emeritus

    Just received this yesterday from classicshaving
  15. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    I just ordered a SR3120 along with some Davinci H20 from QED.
  16. DR Harris Arlington and Marlborough Shaving Soap Refills for my empty Anchor Hocking glass bowls.

    Super fast shipping and great service from Jim at Vintage Blades.

    Got a sample of Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving cream in the box as well.
  17. Taz


  18. Wil


  19. roughrider

    roughrider Moderator Emeritus

    What # is it? What happened to the original scales?
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