Acquisitions May 18 - 24

Discussion in 'The Score' started by Suzuki, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    Let's see the goodies you picked up this week!
  2. This is a good week so far :biggrin:

    Yesterday I got the box from Bornholm

    Later a package from arrived:


    Today I found a local store that carries the full Tabac line, naturally I had to add a puck of the shaving soap in bowl to my den. About time I get to try the fabled Tabac :001_smile


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  3. Today was a good week.

    Got a tub of Mama Bear's Aromatic Pipe Tobacco soap. (thank you Rigglet)
    A Fredric Reynolds straight(in trade for some dremel work :biggrin: )

    My watch should be arriving today, will post pics when it gets here.
  4. so, in yesterday's mail from West Coast Shaving:

    200 Red Pack IP
    200 Crystal IP

    TOBS Rose SC
    Institut Karite SC
    Institut Karite SS
    Musgo Real AS Balsam
    Musgo Real No. 2 (Oak Moss) EdC
    Dominica Bay Rum AS
    Pre de Provence ASB
    Proraso AS splash

    and from a B&B brother (thanks, Jon):

    Floris of London Santal AS
    Etro Vetiver EdT
    Floris of London Elite AS

    and I don't remember whether I crowed about this when it arrived:

    50 ml. bottle of Pen's English Fern edt
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  5. Left to right: Master Bay Rum, Jack Black Supreme Cream, L'occitane Cade shave cream (awful), C.O. Bigelow Barber black after shave balm, C.O. Bigelow shave cream, C.O. Bigelow pre-shave oil, Body Shop Maca root shave cream, Maca root wash off shave oil.

    I really regret the Cade cream. I tried it yesterday with a new personna blade in my mekur barber pole. Tore my face up BAD, and I had to re-shave later because all the stubble that ended up getting left was irritating things further.

  6. I like the smell of Cade, but I would probably go for the soap, and it's pricey.
  7. How about some Irisch Moos, Bull Mastiff from Cooncatbob, and a bottle of Floris Santal splash from Walter Sobchak (thanks again Jon). Also a nice fat handle Tech from some old NYC store.....don't think it ever hit water...
  8. Floris Santal Aftershave Splash
    Proraso regular
    T&H 1805 Cream & ASB
    T&H Preshave Oil
  9. Picked up this little tyke on the bay for $16
  10. I hit the jackpot today...

    Found in a local supply shop:

    Master Lilac Vegetal
    Master Musk
    Osage Rub
    Pinaud Special Reserve
    Master Talc

    Carries the full line of Master (including the gallon) products.
  11. I LOVE THAT STRAIGHT! I want one, where did you get it from?
  12. Over at

    He has a lot of great stuff!

  13. Tuesday

    Gentleman's refinery aftershave
  14. Got this, shaved with it then when I took it apart for rinsing I cut the crap out of my thumb(head was stuck). I should have used a washcloth but I wasn't thinking.:redface:
  15. To each his own, but you may want to give the Cade another try! My first attempt with it was average, however after adjusting the cream to water ratio ( I use a bit more of this cream when mixing than I do when using other creams ) it provides a very luxurious, slick lather and when used in combination with the Cade aftershave it has a nice masculine, woodsy fragrance!
  16. I was tidying up a bit on Monday when I discovered an old bottle full of Old Spice Aftershave in a Lighthouse shaped decanter. It was given to me as a gift from my Aunt & Uncle some 25-30 years ago. They used to give me Old Spice aftershave every year for Christmas after I started shaving. I always thought it was for old men and used to give it away ( I wish I had it now :rolleyes:). I never said anything to them as I didn't want to hurt their feelings and thought the gesture was very nice and thoughtful. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this bottle stashed away, and was anxiously awaiting my shave yesterday (Tuesday) morning to give it a try. It smells great and still soothes the face. I wonder if I think it smells great because now I am an "old" guy! :biggrin:
    My Aunt passed away about seven years ago and I really miss her, so It was a nice remembrance to not only have found it, but to finally use the gift I was given so many years ago.

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  17. fantastic find - a great story & what a wonderful gift that was - for 25 years in the future!
  18. scoopster

    scoopster Moderator Emeritus

    That is a great story. Thank you for sharing.
  19. last stragglers in today....

    From -

    GFT Violets SS in bowl;
    tube of GFT Violets SC;
    T&H Luxury SS in bowl.

    from dbay:
    50 ml spritzer of Pen's Hammam Bouquet edt


    I'm finished.
    Shave den is full; I'm stocked up for the shavepocalypse.

    Bring 'er on!

    (oh, OK... maybe one or a couple odds 'n' ends still to pick up.... gifts to get... like that.)
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