Acquisitions March 2 - 8

Discussion in 'The Score' started by Suzuki, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    Let's see what you gents picked up this week.
  2. Two EJ razors from TESC. I like the fat handled Georgian so much I'm sending the Chatsworth back and getting another Georgian. :thumbup1:
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  3. I had a very productive week of antiquing.

    I found a pair of New Improved in cases, one a Bostonian and one New Standard; An Old Type travel, an Old Type in a case, a German Slim Twist with a black handle, and an English Aristocrat Jr. The New Standard also had the blade bank, with a selection of (ugh) used blue blades ranging in date from 1933 to 1967.

    Very small (~3mm) cracks in the barrel near the head in the New Improved and the long-handled old type, all of which were made in Canada.

    I also picked up a Rubber-Set shaving brush that I am in the process of rebristling.

    I passed on an old Gillette in a Bakelite case, but as was pointed out to me 'how many razors does one man really need?'
  4. Very nice finds!!!

    We are planning on antique shopping this Saturday. Going to 4 shops that we have never been to. Getting excited!

  5. I went to an antique store with my girlfriend yesterday, hoping to find some nice vintage DE or SE razors. I didn't find any Gillettes or GEMs, but I did come across something somewhat unusual. It's a Rolls Razor, the hone is broken and the strop is dented, but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. I figured it was pretty cool to have even if it's not shave-worthy. I only paid $25 for it, seemed fair for the condition it's in.






  6. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    The model you have looks like a "Viscount." $25 is about the right price for it. I paid $40 for mine, but it included a hinged, velvet box and lots of documentation.

    The main thing is that all the pieces are there. The strop looks like it can be re-conditioned, the hone looks like it might have enough usable length on one of the three pieces that you can get decent use out of it.

    I have one that is similarly cracked, down the middle. I haven't had time to play with it, but I did put some lanolin on the strop a few weeks ago to see if would come back to life.

    I wish there were somebody, somewhere that specializes in reconditioning these wonderful toys ... there are certainly a lot of people that have a Rolls Razor in the closet that would love to be able to use them.
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  7. I almost grabbed one of these a couple weeks back. 1 antique score had three of these, one of which was as close to perfect as I've seen. No box, but the hone, strop, and blade were all mark free. Strop was dry, but the whole kit had zero signs of use. It was marked $22. I guess I should have snagged it. Maybe it will still be there next time I go there.
  8. Man I need to get out of my apartment and hit up some antique stores along with estate sales. I really want to get a nice straight razor and Fat Boy to display with my other shaving supplies (at least try it out once ;) )
  9. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    Bought this Le Grelot, a big 7/8 begall, a gotta 120. bismarck and mercator green cross.

    and a new 8k stone

    im gonna need some more sandpaper :001_rolle
  10. Got this today courtesy of Deftim13. My first NOS razor!:001_smile
  11. Man - what a great batch o' razors!

    congratulations on you...!
  12. Very nice...Now put it away....:biggrin:
  13. Very nice indeed, Sir!!!

  14. Here's one for this week!
  15. my latest shiny Brit Aristo - a #21 - on its way to snowy NY right now...

  16. Finally, I've slowed a great deal as of late. I've become much more selective these days. I've been looking for this one for a long time. It was made right here in my home town between 1880 and 1896. They made both this str8 and a Crescent SE razor set. This one needs a bunch of work but these Ivory scales are so sweet. I think it will clean up real nice.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. johnniegold

    johnniegold Moderator Emeritus

    You found a razor manufactured in your hometown. Wow. Very nice Ray.
  18. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    +1 lets see the before and after shots!
  19. I'd say so.

    Nice haul man. :thumbup1:

  20. That's a sweet-looking package there ctakim. :thumbup1:

    I'm with Ray on that one...put it away somewhere. :biggrin:

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