Acquisitions for May 2012

Discussion in 'The Score' started by roklein, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. $Pinaud Lilac.jpg

    Score off the 'bay tonight. Not sure if it is entirely original, but I have never seen another. Didn't break the bank, so I'm happy!
  2. Cool
  3. Wow, enjoy!
  4. They made a set, the Mayans are right it's all over....
  5. Wow a very nice set!!
  6. Very Nice Score! Welcome to Club Lilac!
  7. Nice set!
  8. This should be arriving any day now. In preps, I bought some veg as the one in the box is empty. I slit the seal and opened it up. Whoa! And not in a good way. I've read on the threads here to decant into a glass bottle as it helps with 'the edge'. Well lucky for me the box set has the glass bottle...more to report soon.
  9. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    Well ... I was going to tell you not to use any of those products as it would destroy the "vintage-ness" of the set ... but it looks like its too late for that if the bottle is empty. Still, I would leave the glass LV bottle in the box and decant your new LV into something else.

    No ifs, ands or buts about it ... that is one terrific score! Never seen anything like that before. Congrats.
  10. The box arrived today. I was a little nervous opening the package, but what a pleasant surprise! As mentioned, it was a score off the 'bay. Seller's listing claimed circa 1940's. I'm inclined to believe so as I have never seen another. The set is in excellent condition. Graphics are well intact and clear on all items. Brillatine and talc canisters full or near full. Bottle was empty but had residual on bottom. Soap had no scent whatsoever. As mentioned before, I bought a new veg as I was going to decant into the glass bottle. Well dpm802, I will take your suggestion and not do so. I did crack the glass bottle open and took a whiff and what I got was a lilac note that was not ghastly. Not like the new veg I just bought. Maybe the decant into glass will mellow it out or maybe it takes 60+ years for this stuff to chill out! Anyway, here are some more pics: $lilac 001.JPG $lilac 002.JPG $lilac 003.JPG $lilac 004.JPG
  11. While not a vintage score, I got a good deal this month. BB&B had C&O Bigelow ripoff Proraso Green for a discount price, plus a $10 off coupon. I wound up with six tubes for $38, and I'm very happy with that. It's normally $10 a tube, so that's almost half off, shipped. I think I go through a tube a year, so I should be set for shaving cream until I'm about 50. Mix that in with various soaps and oils, and I could possibly have enough shaving cream/soaps/oils to last me the rest of my life. And I picked up enough Derbys before the quality control problems that I might be able to shave for the rest of my life with what's in the box under my sink. I may have spent my last penny on shaving supplies.

    I picked up a new beard trimmer this week as well. What an improvement over my old 3xAAA trimmer.
  12. I've spent to much on shaving supplies this month. I'm waiting on 1000 super iridium and 750 Polsilver from Emilio. 1000 Astra SP from 2 Proraso Aftershave Splash, 2 Proraso pre/post cream, 2 Palmolive shave sticks, 2 Mamabears shave sticks and finally a Muhle R41. That should be enough to last a long long time. Don't think I will be getting anything else anytime soon. Now I must tell the wife.
  13. Picked up some Lilac Veg last night to try for the first time. Not sure yet how I feel about it. Also, a wood blanks came in yesterday. Been putting off some rescale projects for several months. Hope to get to them soon.
  14. My latest acquisitions in Covilha (Portugal):

  15. I bought this on the internet. 1971 Gillette Superadjustable near mint. I haven't used it yet. Soon. When I have time for a leisurely shave. Hopefully this weekend.
  16. 250 super iridium blades and a puck of cade
  17. A couple garage sale finds and 4 project razors
    $DSCF8042.jpg $DSCF8045.jpg
  18. Arrived today, still sealed in cellophane

    $photo (10).JPG
  19. StuMcB

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    For me after reading the boards I went for a cool month of May. Menthol AS from the Czech republic and the remainder from Portugal. The Chipre isn't as cool as the 378 but very refreshing with the 444.

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  20. 3 pucks of TFS luxury soap

    Cuore di lavanda
    Tabacco verde
    Bergamotto Neroli
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