Acquisitions for March 2011

Discussion in 'The Score' started by oversaturn, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. For a good start of the month, and with the help of a Spanish friend (MUCHAS GRACIAS JDIAZ!), here it goes:



    Two La Toja bowls, one for me and another one for the fellow Islander!
    And two La Toja sticks and two samples from Trumpers as a personal gift from him!

  2. I just got this razor in, it.s a 300 Winchester Magnum Bullet with a DE razor head attached. I got it from Rick and Karan over at . It makes a nice addition to my own gun related shaving gear.:thumbup:
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  3. Becareful. You do not need to shoot off your fingures when shaving. Looks nice!!!
  4. HaHa, yea there is no powder or primer in there. Perfectly safe:thumbup1: Well maybe not to the TSA :ohmy:
  5. Just picked up this monster the other day. I think its gonna be a nice one when its done.

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  6. This is my first attempt at a restore. I stacked the washers to try and get that bullseye look but now I regret it, didn't work out exactly as I thought. Overall though I like it and it is my favorite shaver.
  7. Got some Cella and a Klar Kabinett brick

  8. First acquisition for March are these Vie-Long brushes (arrived yesterday and no time to try) ordered 2 weeks ago from Silvertip and 2 band in Olive wood.
  9. Looks like the razors are starting to appear out of the wood work down here again.

    Haven't been to this shop since 9/6/2009....... ( Don't ask how I know that exactly ).

    Found this :thumbup1:

    British Red Tip Rocket............

    Meets two of my criteria, Brit and TTO ( no case ) :001_smile


    Looks like it should clean up really well.
  10. Walked past (that was what I intended) AVEDA store today and by accident came out with their "new" AVEDA men Pure Performance Shave cream...

    No idea if its any good though - seems to be able to biuld a lather..
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  11. Nice!, I didnt know that version of Red tip existed. I want one now to sit next to my U.S. Red tip.
  12. Hooray, the mail man stopped by. What a way to start the month with my second acquisition already. Just glad SWMBO wasn't home or she'd be hitting me up for a new handbag!!!

    Feather AS-D1
    Feather Artist Cub DX
  13. There's the red tip rocket and a British red tip superspeed. (Non retracting TTO) so there's actually two more for you to look out for. :lol:
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  14. Just came in from UK about an hour ago.

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  15. What? You got shops that have got vintage razors appearing out of the woodwork. In Tassie? WA really is a backwater. I'm sulking again.
  16. Been a bit of a drought down here at the moment though I must admit my searches haven't been as extensive since my RAD has subsided substantially ( rather than once a week, my revisits have gone to once a month or in this case once every 9 months )

    But found this and a #21 in the last couple of weeks. :blushing:
  17. Awesome red tip fidgit!

    I'm having a good start to the month as well. Case yesterday, razor today.

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  18. Nice! I was going to bid on that one (I'm pretty sure I saw it on eBay), but that rust over the tang stamp worried me that you would lose a bit of the makers mark.

    I see I was wrong. Nice Score!
  19. [​IMG]

    I guess the best way to learn to restore brushes is to just jump right in...

    I'm guessing tgn and larry are gonna love me when I start ordering knots....
  20. That is the one razor that I just cannot find. I am so jealous :glare:
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