Acquisitions for February 2012

Discussion in 'The Score' started by IainJ, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. In the post for me this morning a very well used 1908 Single Ring, pretty brassed looking but with its papers and a pretty nice, (possibly silver plated?) Valet Autostrop with a spare strop and shipper box.


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  2. I found this brush today "Ever~Ready Hard Rubber Grip Made In Canada" what I found rather interesting is the bottom part of the handle is bone.
  3. A nice, juicy, Red Tip. It's a very smooth shaver. Feathers work great in this razor.
  4. My first slant. This it straight out of the box, have not cleaned it yet but it's in remarkable shape.

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  5. In this morning's mail I received some eBay buys. There were two Colgate Handy Grip containers, one from New York and one labelled Montreal, Canada. There is some damage to the finish on the USA example, but luckily it is on the obverse so it will display well. The Quebecois Handy Grip is almost immaculate, and arrived with an escort of two "Made in Canada" razors. The long-comb gold NEW is in excellent shape, with most of the lacquer gone but almost all the gold intact. The fat-handle Tech with triangle-shaped holes looks pretty good too, but I see some specks of plate loss here and there.

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  6. SmoovD

    SmoovD Contributor

    A score from Razor Blades and More consisted of a tub of Dr. Selby's cream, a tube of Palmolive Classic, a tube of Godrej Lime and a few freebies.
  7. [​IMG]

    Uploaded with

    Yesterday: Three Rotbart No.15 Shaving Sets NOS (1950s), a NOS Techmatic (early 1970s), some NOS Blades and two NOS Stropper (early 1930s)
  8. A Gillette Brush Plus kit. I had one of these in the mid-80s. It actually worked pretty well, I think. (long time ago).
  9. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    I never know what I'll get when I pick up Traveler sets from friends who claim they've got something for me I've probably never seen. And in fact I never did see a 2-piece Wilkinson razor before. Nice set -- likely never used and quite a nice Traveler set.
    Bakelite canisters for a soap stick and a shaving brush. Toothbrush holder is pristine.

    Leather case has been affected slightly due to being in storage for many years -- holding this Bakelite 2-piecer razor.

    The faux tortoise shell comb fills out the set.
  10. I bought a brush handle from Badrunner. The style is that of the Rover. I like it alot, and I cant wait to get a knot put in. He listed it as being 24mm but for some reason I thought i was bigger, just had a hunch.

    $photo (1).JPG

  11. I am not entirely sure what to make of this NEW Deluxe set from ebay, but I suspect it was assembled from parts.


    The plate has a serial number: 67825, and the handle has "PAT. JAN. 13. 1920 IN U.S.A." and "OTHER PATENTS PENDING" (and a typical hairline crack). There is no letter after the number, but nevertheless I presume 1930. If it were from 1935 it ought to have the NEW patent numbers. The razor has almost all its laquer and gold intact, and may be unused. There is some wear on the cap, which I think it came from rattling around in the case rather than shaving. But the blade bank shows wear and had a P-3 blue blade in it (1920, I think?).

    Achim only shows an example of the Deluxe Lady set in 1935, in "jade". But I suppose there may have been a 1930 version in "natural", which has mellowed to this nice butterscotch hue. If so then the blade case is probably a changeling. Or this case was originally part of a New Improved Milady Decolletee set, with the original blade case, and later on the razor was lost or discarded and replaced with the NEW Deluxe.

    Anyway it is a very pretty case and razor, whatever its provenance. I am somewhat glad that the cap is flawed, too. This way I have no qualms about trying it out.
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  12. ^^ No that is a correct set from what I see....
  13. Wow Jake! That razor may even date back to last year! :wink:
  14. I've been keeping my eyes out for a Gillette Adjustable, and managed to pick this one up at a price that I can explain to SWMBO. I'm curious though, being brand new to adjustable DE's what to call it, and if I did okay with it.
  15. I got this new Gem Razor. It looks new. It is in great shape. It has the cardboard insert and instructions.Gem Picture #1[​IMG]Gem Picture #2[​IMG]Gem Picture #3[​IMG]Gem Picture #4[​IMG]Gem Picture #5[​IMG]Gem Picture #6[​IMG]Gem Picture #7[​IMG]Gem Picture #8[​IMG]Gem Picture #9[​IMG]Gem Picture #10[​IMG]
  16. Three tubes of Godrej Rich Foam and a vintage ER travel brush from the 'bay. When it arrives, photo will be posted.
  17. Got my first bowl of Tabac, BST'd it after 2 uses because I don't like the scent.

    Awaiting arrival of a bottle of Floid Blue with an atomizer, and a tube of Euro Palmolive cream
  18. It's not really an acquiition for 2012 but still a nice one and a strange combination.
    Last year I bought a set on a local site, thinking it was a Aristrocrat. I did not look at it very carfeull but I got it really cheap and gave it to my grandfather in Dec 2011 as a casual gift.
    Although it was in not optimal shape , he used it and enjoyed it very much untill he died Feb 1st of this year.

    I just got it back from my grandmother and I just noticed that it wasn't an Aristocrat. According to my knowledge it's a Belmont.
    A little surprise. As soon as my camera is charged I'll take some pictures.

    Now i have one question. I don't see a lot of these Belmonts. How many were made of these?
  19. [​IMG]
    Picked up this mango wood bowl at the flea market for $4.00
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