Acquisitions for December 2010

Discussion in 'The Score' started by americanarmsdealer, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. Well guys, here's the place to post all of your Christmas stuff! And some of the stuff you have bought for yourself this month!:001_rolle
  2. Placed an order today for some stuff I wanted to try.


    I think that will be all for December fo me.
  3. Hey, let me know what you think of the Spanish Floid vs. the regular orange. I am up in the air about which one to go with.

  4. Yeah no problem. They should arrive in 10 days or so I'll let ya know then. Just be aware I'm pretty useless at describing smells.
  5. No problem... I'm just curious as to which one you like better and why. Hoping it will help me decide without being able to smell them myself.
  6. A Merkur 38C w/ red handle just came in my mailbox today. Is it technically a 38R?? :lol::lol:
  7. Recieved my Crystal block today. some straights on the way.
  8. Received my T&H cream and cologne sampler today. I've got more samples than I will use up by the end of the year. :)
  9. Just scored a slim adjustable and 150 horizontal Derby blades off the bay. I got my eyes on a few things at West Coast that I really want to pull the trigger on but it will most likely have to wait.
  10. I havent been buying much lately but I managed to snag this brush off the Bay. I think I got a good deal :001_smile

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  11. Excellent choice on the Alt-Innsbruck I just got it on the 1st and I'm really loving this stuff. Let us know what you think. I'm also curious to try the Floid AS' as well.

    Nice score!
  12. Colognes

    1. Creed Original Vetiver
    2. Creed Original Santal
    3. Creed Tobarome
    4. Creed Green Irish Tweed

    1. CarrieM Black Raspberry Vanilla
    2. CarrieM Bourbon Vanilla
    3. CarrieM Lilac + Lilly of the Valley bunch of samples

    1. 13/16" Takagi Riki Coral, 3/4 Hollow, Spike Point (ordered but not yet received)
    2. Iwasaki 2-chou gake Kamisori razor w/waxed cotton handles (ordered but not yet received)
    3. Manaslu M-55 (End of November purchase, really:001_smile)
    4. Hanamasa Kamisori (End of November purchase, really:001_smile)

    Man...Just realized that's too much damage:bored:. Gotta slow down. come to think of it....Naaahhhhh :thumbup:
  13.!:thumbup1: Really, I just want to know what the heck waxed cotton handles look like!:laugh:
  14. Something like this:
    View attachment 134844
  15. My first straight arrived today
  16. Good deal on that one. That is a pretty handle.
  17. A Rooney Heritage Stubby 3 with 3 band silvertip. My become one of my favorites.
  18. Bought some Pinaud Clubman to finally try an AS splash. Had such an irritating shave, I couldn't bring myself to use it. Bummer.
  19. That straight razor looks fantastic.
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