Acquisitions 6 Dec. to 12 Dec.

Discussion in 'The Score' started by TPeroda85, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys! lets hear your wanted list from Ol' Saint nick!

    Right now

    EJ Medium BBB
    TOBS Classic Soap
    SS Soap Bowl

    Newly married so keeping it budget haha ... what you guys wanting?
  2. shm


    I'm not sure I'm on his list :001_rolle, but I'll give it a try:

    Acca Kappa ZE1104 Brush
    Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap
    T&H Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm
    Almost any L3 coded razor (not Knack/Slim Twist)
  3. Pretty set on shaving gear, soap & creams at the moment...

    After shave
    • TOBS St. James
    • Knize 10
    • Booster's Aquarious
    • Booster's Jickey
    • Alt-Innsbruck

    • Dois d'Argent
    • Cologne Blanche
    • Dior Homme
    • Domenico Caraceni 1913
    • Knize 10
    • Creed Bois du Portugal
    • Czech & Speake N0. 88
    • Aramis Havana
    • Le Labo Rose 31

    • Nikon D5000 DSLR
    • Gun safe
  4. Hrm, prob some ToBS Lavendar, or a bag of menthol crystals *wink wink nudge nudge*
  5. Ivory-handled Plisson and a 250ml bottle of Creed Cuir De Russie.


    OK, I'll settle for a bottle of Taylor's #74 Victorian Lime aftershave, and maybe a bottle of the Original #74 too.
  6. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Australia post to get my Stiz Russian straight out of custom and to my door!
  7. A Russian Straight, some EJ Sea Buckthorn Soap, and an Omega Boar Travel Brush.
  8. Holiday is over - back to the world of dreams, as Basil Fawlty would say. Time to gear up for Christmas.

    So what did we score this week?

    I snagged a Beehive handle in faux ivory from Rudy Vey's "overstock" handle sale.
  9. 50 Dorco ST301s, 36 Gillette Yellow SharpEdges, and a handful of free ASB samples that came with the Gillettes.
  10. a couple of "I-don't-know-what-they-are" brushes:

    the first is a little badger number from dbay. I can discern "pure badger" and "made in England" on the handle; I'm going to get a glass to see if I can make out more.
    the knot isn't especially dense; this might be a project (we'll see if it sheds as is - vintage hair doesn't scare me none) - this will be a great travel brush. It fits perfectly into a standard prescription bottle.

    I took a flier on a 3-brush lot on dbay - a mistake, I think (it all smelled bad, from the BIN price, to the bad pics, to the "error" in shipping charges - I complained and was thanked for pointing out the error: price dropped from $16 to $6) - but I made an offer & it was accepted. Anyway - a "mixed badger" from Victoria in Germany:
    I soaked it and shampooed it and lathered it - it shed a bunch but seems to shed no more, and has softened up nicely. The label is slipping (obviously the brush hadn't been used, given the crappiness of the decal). Maybe worthwhile.

    and this no-name bristle brush - plastic (not obvious in the seller's pics), but decent boar.

    and the third brush in the lot went into the trash. So $20 for two usable brushes. As if I needed 'em.

    I also spent $7.38 on dbay for "two old injector razors and brush." The brush is a nice old Ever-ready project brush; one of the injectors (both Gs) was rusty and went straight into the trash; the second razor was unused - the original blade blank was still in it. I'm happy with that!

    And finally, I got a 20-blade pack of injector blades, purportedly EMS (similar to Pellas) - the label was laser printer home-made number (do the EMS lots have labeled boxes, I wonder?) I've had one shave with these blades and it was pretty good.
  11. then cleaned and polished it before using it this morning. I was in lust, but now I'm in love!


  12. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    After huge problems getting this (ebay seller lying about shipping dates, giving me false tracking numbers etc) I finally got this bad boy in my hands....

    ...totally worth the wait.
  13. This week is off to a great start! I got:

    - The wood bowl for my Pen's Blenheim Bouquet
    - Gentlemen's Best Signature Series Deodorant
    - Czech and Speake samples
    - EverReady Shaving Brush handle (For Restoration)
    - NOS Yardley Shave Soap in Bowl!!
  14. Andy

    Andy Contributor


    Just arrived from the bay, postage is a little slow around christmas time as customs are inspecting a majority of packages that come into Australia.
    Pictures are pre cleaned, literally just unwrapped the bubble wrap.

    I won a bit :blushing: of gear from the bay on the same day or day after, so that means that it should all arrive any day now.
    Christmas is early for me :001_smile
  15. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Nice Score!
    Let's see a shot of the Yardley Bowl!
  16. Pen's English Fern (new formulation)


  17. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Nice! How big is the blade? If you want to share, how much was it?
  18. Mark, how does the new formulation compare to the old tallow one?
  19. Yardley marked DAD... neat!
  20. Some NOS razors from the bay ($3.98 total) and a Mama Bear's Dublin Tweed shave stick. Smells awesome!
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