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Discussion in 'The Score' started by Merkur25, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. I was out again today and I came across some boxes that I thought resembled brushes. In fact they were NOS shaving brushes! I couldnt believe it. So I bought all of them :blushing:

    Heres some pics for everyone to see.

  2. Congratulations! good shopping, may they serve you well and long.
  3. Nice Find! I really like the shape and color of the Pall Mall brush. Let us know how they work out for you.
  4. good score!! i love the pall mall :drool:
  5. Great find. I agree the Pall Mall has a very interesting look,very nice.
  6. WOW!!! I agree with everyone, the Pall Mall sure is fantastic, though the others look great too.
  7. Thanks! I never seen a Pall Mall brush before this one and the Clear Ever-Ready just looks awesome. I had to pay a small fortune for these since they were in the boxes but well worth it to me.

    I would like an opinion if I should restore the Black & Yellow handle Ever-Ready or keep it original?
  8. fantastic! I've not seen a Pall Mall before - it looks luxurious....

    Do enjoy them.
  9. I was unaware of this but the Pall Mall is dated back to the 1940's. I think that is unbelievable to find a brush in such great condition with the original box dated back that far :thumbup1: Totally amazing!
  10. Terrific find. Enjoy them. I have a couple of Ever-Readys and they are among my favorites. The Pall Mall is a dream. Hope it works as good as it looks.
  11. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Great find for such pristine brushes. I was wondering if there was going to be a pack or carton of Pall Malls cigarettes. Never heard the name associated with any other popular products.
  12. Same here. I wasnt going to buy the brush, since I never heard of Pall Mall either, but then i opened the box to see how it looked and I couldnt pass it up
  13. Very nice. I agree with everyone, that Pall Mall is beautiful.
  14. Awesome scores man.
  15. Excellent scores!! Are you planning on using them?
  16. I dont know yet. They are NOS and I dont know if I will able to find anything like this again in my life. The Pall Mall is tempting me so badly right now but I am going to resist. I was thinking about restoring the Black and Yellow Ever-Ready but I am not sure yet. What do you guys think I should do?
  17. Just awesome brushes, for my 2 cents I would leave as is, but that's just me.
  18. Great find! They all look to be in nice shape. Personally, I'd try them before I decided on re-knotting.
  19. They would go as a display if I had them.
  20. Wow... That has got to be one of the best scores I have ever seen!!!

    It must be awfully tempting to use them!
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