Acqua di Parma shaving cream reformulated? Scentless?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by JaDo, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. I read that the AdP cream was reformulated and is now unscented. The description on the Neiman Marcus site says "unscented".

    Does anyone know if this is the case? I may venture to a Neiman Marcus tomorrow to check it out.
  2. I went to two Neiman Marcus stores today to check out their stock of the AdP shaving cream.

    One was sold out. The other only had this new formulation. And it was, indeed, unscented (really, just a hint of some sort of natural fragrance). The texture and the color of the cream were also different.
  3. Interesting things going on with all these changes in reformulations. Wonder what's going on.
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    Oh noes...
  5. My theory is they did it in response to complaints about irritation that they attribute to the fragrance. It is quite heavily scented, but why not just tone it down a little?
  6. Why not make a scented and unscented? They just lost a customer, the scent was the only reason to buy AdP.
  7. This is an odd choice. There are many, many excellent shaving creams out there, virtually all of which cost less than AdP. The one thing AdP had that could even come close to justifying the price was a proprietary scent that tied in with the whole line of grooming products. Going scentless eliminates that selling point. I suppose die-hards could still talk themselves into thinking the performance alone is worth the price, but I suspect there are fewer of such customers out there, relative to those who were enamored of the scent.

    That said, this is a huge bag of "meh" for me, since I never used the stuff. Diminishing returns start to kick in right around the Castle Forbes/Truefitt & Hill price point, and go practically vertical at Santa Maria Novella. AdP was never on the chart, as far as I was concerned.

  8. Sad to get confirmation on this. I have read another review of the new formula and the scent wasn't mentioned. While I am typically a light scent/unscented kind of guy, the one exception I have to that rule is ADP which is simply intoxicating to me. ADP is a scent company, no? The idea of a scentless cream as a replacement for their renowned product seems unthinkable to me.
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. OH no. I never worrtied about the old RR XXX going away because I knew I could buy the original - ADP. If that's gone I'm in trouble. Here's how much I love ADP ... I have a large bottle of ADP Colonia, a decent sized decant of ADP Assoluta, and a small decant of ADP Essenza, plus my XXX of course. My favorite set of fragrances and I expected I would always use some ADP soap, even at its outrageous price.
  11. I tried it once when it was scented. Not my kind of cream to be honest. I've got my ideal scent nailed down so now when I buy creams I know what to look for. I have some new QC, Mystic Water and Seifenglatt (they make their own now) on the way.
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    Another one bites the dust then. I certainly won't be going for something so expensive when there are tonnes out there that can do an equally good job, if not better. The scent was great on this one - I didn't find it overpowering at all.
  13. +1 for this comment. They just lost another customer right here.

  14. Maybe Razorock will make a unscented XXX? :lol:
  15. Happy New Years Gentlemen

    My question to JaDo is where on the Neiman Marcus website does it ever state that it is scentless? I have perused the site and cannot find that statement on either the shaving cream tube or jar. If you have a link please post it.

    I for one certainly hope that they keep the scented version and I would find it difficult to believe that a perfume company would not have a scented version of their products. This is not to say they may not come out with a lightly scented or even unscented product but the scented products will always remain in the end.

    Happy Shaving,

  16. Look here. End of the second paragraph, one word description: "Unscented." Same here.

    Hope springs eternal, but right now, the only shaving cream offerings by AdP (either tube or jar) are described as being unscented. The lack of scent has also been confirmed by B&B members in this thread. As such, it is a reasonable presumption that the scented AdP shaving cream is no more, at least until something changes.
  17. Thanks, Jerry.

    When I went to Neiman Marcus in Dallas last Sunday, I spoke with the salesperson for a minute about the change. He told me that they did remove the fragrance, and stated that there had been several "bad" batches. He said that they had to sell out of their inventory before they could get more. That might be why the Plano Neiman's was out of stock when I checked there.
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  18. My pleasure. Thanks for all your investigative work. I always appreciate when members can shed some light on a potentially confusing situation.
  19. Thanks Jerry Built and JaDo, can't believe I had missed the unscented part lol. Such a shame that they decided to make it unscented. Hopefully that will only be another option for those who have sensitive skin; time will tell I guess.

    Cheers everyone,


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