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  1. Wow!

    It has been over a year since I last posted at B&B and a bit longer since I switched to ol-skool DE shaving!!

    The story so far:
    I am still using the blades from the assorted pack I bought from letterK's site. Used up completely a container of Body Shop's maca root shaving cream. Still using my year old Tabac shaving soap. Still using the boar hair brush and Merkur DE razor I bought when I re-started DE shaving. Other "consumables" have been three Pinaud's styptic pencils (I wet the whole stick and roll it on my face!), one bottle of witch-hazel and two bottles of 95% isopropanol to clean and dry the blade/razor before storing. I am still using the bottle of Mr. Sidney's aftershave I got when I started.

    As for my total investment in shaving gear and consumables, over the last year or so, it has been WAY WAY WAY less than what I was spending on shitty 5-blade cartridges from Gillette and goo in a can. OK, now that the financials are out of the way, time to talk about the real stuff.

    My skin is way healthier and has stayed that way with a much lower incidence of in-grown follicles, the odd pimple and similar crappy skin-boogers that used to show up earlier. I actually look forward to my shaving ritual and feel far less "resistance" to shaving than ever before. Honestly, I feel this was one of the best lifestyle-changes I have made in recent years and I really want to thank the kind folks at B&B for their encouragement and guidance along the way... THANKS!
  2. Congratulations Odejoy!
    It is the quality of your shaves and not the quantity of your posts that matter.

    See ya next year!
  3. Your greatest accomplishment is your ability to not buy an item a week and to stay true to the idea that this can be cheaper... so enjoying your shaves and saving money, hats off to you.
  4. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    Congrats on having more willpower than 99% of us here! :thumbup:
  5. +1. I sure don't have your self-discipline but congrats. And thanks for sharing your experience so far.
  6. Now please leave B&B again unless you want to start $$$. Every cream, soap, brush, razor, blade here will make you feel like you HAVE TO have it.
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  7. +1

    Glad to have you back here, Odejoy!

    Willpower? Mmmm.... Oh, yes, you mean SWMBO rolling her eyes!!
  8. Thanks all you guys!! It is always a joy to check back in with B&B.

    You hit it dude! That is one of the biggest reasons for all my savin' on shavin' stuff !!
  9. If she ever brings up that I got into this to save money, I'll calmly remind her that's the same reason she got into cloth diapering. :shifty:
  10. That's gold, Seth.

    odejoy, congrats on this! I originally got into DE because of the money and quickly learned that I had to have every Italian shaving product on the planet, not to mention a bunch of other creams/soaps. Good for you, sir, good for you.
  11. That's great to hear and an inspiration to us newbies. Congrats and well done!
  12. :wink2:
  13. Congrats!

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