A soap similar to VDH Deluxe.

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  1. I go back and forth between creams and soaps. I'm on a soap kick now.

    I've seen the VHD at WalMart but was never tempted to try it, probably because of the price. It can't be any good at that price...

    Wrong... I picked one up and love the stuff. Lather explodes and is creamy and moist. It's really slick. I even like the mild scent.

    What other soap(s) are out there that you'd rate very similar to the VDH Deluxe?

    I know someone will ask, " Why don't you just stick with the one you really like?" Well, I guess it's the same reason I have 30 razors and cabinets full of shave "stuff". I'm addicted to trying everything, the good and bad, since it's all YMMV.
  2. Have you tried the glycerin vdh soap? price vs performance, I like it a lot.
  3. VDH also carries a "Luxury" soap found at some Targets. It's got a modern cucumber Polo Black scent.
    Col. Conk's soaps are similar in action and consitancy with more scent options.
  4. I asked my wife to pick up some shave soap at WM. I didn't realize it was VDH until just now. Not a fan. Seems like the suds are "thin". Doesn't seem like a smooth shave. Squeeky clean, maybe but not smooth. razor seems to bounce on my skin. No cuts yet, but I think its a matter of time. At less than 2 bucks, I can't complain, cuz I'm a cheap bastahd, but this is truly "you get what you pay for".
  5. For a few more bucks, there are a lot better options but it's nice to have a shaving soap you can find locally (besides Williams).
  6. +2 on the Col Conk. Very similar formulation to the VDH Deluxe, and available in four scents: lime, amber, almond, and bay rum.

    Not sure you are aware, but you can also melt VDH, and re-scent it with whatever you like. The mild scent of VDH is quite easily overcome. The most popular scent seems to be Old Spice, the end result being dubbed VanDerSpice.

    To melt it, cut the VDH into small pieces (to speed the melt time, reducing the potential for burning), place it in a microwave safe bowl, and nuke it in 10 second bursts, until melted. Give a liberal shake of whatever aftershave you are re-scenting it with, and allow it to cool. Viola!!
  7. Good tip! I always wondered about that. The VDH Deluxe has a clean but benign scent.
  8. I have to agree. For the price VDH is more than passable. It can be melted into a deodorant container if you need a stick (some deodorant containers have holes in their guide piece -- those containers are not a good shave stick container unless you don't mind wrecking the mechanism and removing the stick for use without the container) or as discussed can be melted and poured into a mug to make lathering easier or to re-scent.
  9. Does anyone use VDH glycerin as a preshave soap? I have been doing that lately and it seems to be helping my shave. I have just been rubing it directly to my face in the shower like a shavestick and then working it into my beard with my hands.
  10. VDH select, not as much glycerine but still lathers a treat
  11. VDH works very very good. The Luxury Line is real good.
  12. +1 a great way to get an Old Spice scented shaving soap to go in that old Grand Turk Mug you found for 12 bucks at the local junk shop.
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  13. I like the VDH Deluxe and Luxury soaps. I haven't tryed the glycerin nor the select (although I sometimes get the names mixed up and call the Deluxe the Select).

    One of the Colonel Conk threads says that soap is manufactured by VDH. It performs about the same and has a few extra fragrances available. Shop around for Conk online. It's no so great a soap as to get it at any price, but if you can get it cheap it's worth getting.
  14. Interesting.
    Can this be done with cologne as well or would the alcohol in it ruin the lather?
    I have been using the VDH luxury soap for a few weeks and I like it.

    I also agree on the Col Conks. It’s pretty cheap and seems to work well
  15. is the "delux" the white one or the pink one?
  16. Shaveguy:
    It's the pinkish one and my one & only 'go-to' soap. :thumbsup:

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  17. Aftershave has a very high alcohol content as well. The alcohol will quickly evaporate out when exposed to air, so it won't be present to affect the lather. So you could absolutely use a cologne instead of an Aftershave to scent it. You could also use any number of fragrance oils/ essential oils. The possibilities are truly endless.
  18. I like the VDH Deluxe very well. I think it's the only decent shaving soap readily available at a major retailer. The VDH Luxury soap, which can be found for $5-6, is one of the best soaps I've ever used. I get a rich lather, building it up on the brush in stages. By the third "swirl", it's about as thick and rich as any soap you'll find. Very slick, but maybe not as much cushion as some other soaps.
  19. OH buddy, your not doing something right. And it might be something as simple as the water in your area, but thin suds and not getting a smooth shave with VDH doesn;t sound right. I'm not pretending to know what might be wrong, but something is. By chance do you use a pre-shave oil? I use to put a pre-shave oil on, but I found out for me, VDH works better without it.......JR
  20. I have often wondered how to do that with out burning it as you say. I have a few mugs that the soap doesn't seem to want to "stick" to the bottom of the mug. I will give that a try..........................................JR

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