A show us your desktop wallpaper thread...

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  1. Lets see what you are wearing on your computer desktop...


    Click the thumbnail for much bigness.
  2. Heres my current wallpaper:
  3. I's like something like that but it would scare the children.
  4. Haha not a fan of zombies, am I right?
  5. We are...
    Penn state!!!
  6. How did you get your desktop like that? Is that a PC with a Mac theme? It looks great.

    My background is the German eagle (after having the Mac default for months :001_rolle). I may get an app to change the background every few minutes.

  7. [​IMG]

    Heh. From the other thread.
  8. No, she is a 5 year old girl and likes princesses, ponies and pink things.

    My mind changes on my desktop background about every 5 minutes. I am currently rolling this...

  9. Here is what I have currently. It is a pic a coworker sent me thinking it was of Pittsburgh. It's not, but I will let you figure out what bridge it is.

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  10. By PC I assume you mean Windows? All computers are PCs. Apple Macs are PCs, they run the Apple OSX operating system. Computers using Windows are PCs too. Anyway the nerd in me hates the way that all computers running Windows are described as PCs. Personally I run GNU/Linux as the OS, commonly known as Linux. Linux is available in many different forms and the one I favour is Ubuntu Linux. Linux is available 100% free and is available for anyone to use. I am running a program called the Avant Window Navigator to give a Mac style dock.

    Sorry, I am a geek.
  11. Thats a stunner man...point me in the right direction!
  12. Thanks a bunch. I zipped up 10 backgrounds that are techie-artsy like this one that I've had for a while. Come get your self a heapin' helpin' of them. http://www.box.net/shared/j4xgfv2cep
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  13. Ya, sorry. I use "PC" and "Windows-based PC" interchangeably.
  14. Mr. Scruffy

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    This is Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana. I took this photo in 2005.

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  15. Brooklyn Bridge
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  16. A pic I took on a snowmobile trip in Yellowstone this past January.
  17. SWMBO normally puts up the desktop, and is always changing it around, but this is the current one.
  18. I currently have this guy. Wanted something simple and serene.
  19. Hey I looked at that and for a few secs I thought you had one of my pics there somehow! I had to check, but no. I took this when up in Derby, Western Australia, i.e. The middle of nowhere

  20. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Here is the pic I use for my wallpaper:

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