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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by rstrawsb, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Greetings Gents,
    I just recently decided it was time switch back to wet shaving. It has been many years and numerous electric shavers ago since I used a blade to shave. I became rather disgusted with my electric shaver. The shaver is about a year old and due for another $30 blade replacement and I'm sure the battery will soon follow. It and it's predecessors never really did that great a job removing my daily stubble. At 44 years of age I thought it would be healthier to slow down and enjoy a few of the simpler things in life. I went through the bathroom vanity and found that old plastic Gillette Ultra and a new blade and made quick work of butchering my face. I was pretty disappointed then I thought back to my first experiences shaving. My father had a metal razor. One that held a single double edge blade. I went out looking to get one of those and found that no one sells them anymore. This drove me to the internet and low and behold there it was, a wealth of information on shaving and razors galore. I quickly purchased a straight and a double edge but I intended to learn to use the cut-throat and the DE was just a backup until I got the hang of the straight razor. Well I now have a Dovo straight, a hone , a strop, a boars hair brush, Col Conk Soap and a Merkur DE. To my surprise the DE is my daily shaver and I'm wondering if the straight is worth all the trouble. I had to learn how to shave again and after a week of razor burn I've been getting a smooth close shave daily. :smile:

    Thanks to all for taking the time to post messages and point us newcomers in the right direction. I for one know that the assistance and information posted here made my adventure in shaving a pleasant one. :thumbup1:
  2. Scotto

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    Welcome, and good for you!
  3. DoubleE

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    Welcome! Since I use DEs, I'll defer to the Str8 guys on the more trouble than it's worth issue! It's great to have you here and have you posting!

  4. guenron

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    rstraw (Is that what your friends call you?:smile: ),
    Welcome back to the best in shaving! The str8 represents a real investment in time and patience, along with a few scheckels in accessories. Not for the faint of heart, if you are questioning the regimen of the str8 and haven't started, perhaps your wisest decision would be to put those things that you have purchased in a box and put the box away... Buy a few more quality soaps or creams and enjoy yourself. Shaving can, and should, be a pleasant experience.
  6. Welcome back (and aboard) Ron! Don't mind Ron G. he doesn't bite... too hard. :wink:

  7. I prefer the straight myself. It takes a lot of time and practice. But the results are along the same lines as your progression from a cartridge to the DE. The straight is (in the hands of the knowledgable and practiced) a better shave. Much easier on sensitive skin and I control the edge. I decide just how smooth and sharp it needs to be. Razors used to work great for me after 3 shaves. Now I just set the straight the way it treats my face the best. They are an enormous amount of work in the first few months (a year for me) and are only worth it if you decide that you enjoy the effort, not just the results.
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    Welcome Ron, glad to see that things are working out well for you. Feel free to post any questions you may have or any tips that you discover. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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