a revisit to the Personna Med Preps

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  1. I had originally stopped using these as they didn't leave my face the smoothest. I recently purchased the R41 which quickly taught me the meaning of using "NO PRESSURE" on my face. That technique, once mastered translated back to smoother shaves with my Merkur 34C. So, a couple of days ago I put the med-preps back in the Merkur and voila!!! BBS and no irritation. I guess I must have been a little harsh with my Merkur in the early days of learning to shave with a DE. I am now putting them back in my rotation. Lesson learned.. improved techniques will certainly provide different results from previous trials.
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    They are my favorite blade, but you make an excellent point: if you're having trouble it ain't necessarily the equipment.
  3. That's happened to me a LOT. I give up in disgust with a blade and then a few months later after a little stubborn practice it's all different. My taste has changed over time to sharper blades as my technique gets better.

    Speaking of these Personna blades, however, I've got a different question. I saw a good deal on the lab version several years ago and bought a bunch of them. Seems like it was a 200 blade bulk pack. They were like dull butter knives. I mean, awful. Back then, my go to blade consistently was the Israeli Red Pack Personnas, and I expected that the labs would be similar. They were definitely not. Did anyone else have a similar experience? I'm assuming that they must have completely changed the product line because now I think most people would agree that the Lab Blues and Med Prep blades are extremely sharp. I got one of the old blades out the other day to see if I was mistaken or had just picked a couple of bad ones out of the pack before, but definitely not.
  4. I agree: Personal Surgical Med Prep blades are fantastic. This is the best blade I used in decades of double-edge shaving.
  5. I agree with this statement, except regarding Derby blades :thumbdown
  6. ... and this is why so many people give the Merkur blades a bad rap, when they're really perfectly serviceable. Not special, mind you, but they do work.
    -- Chet
  7. You got that right! Shaving with a Derby is like shaving with a warped butter knife.

    The Meds are a great blade.
  8. I too recently got an R41 & am still figuring out which blade I like best in it. So far I've used a Yellow, Med Prep, & Feather. So far Feather is the only one I've got good results with. I definitely need more trial runs, but your overall theme here is true.

    And I agree w/ the Derby comments - I've gone back to those things a few times & they still are horrible for me.
  9. I will giving my new R41 with a feather blade a try soon. I had good shaves with Merkur slant and a feather blade. Will see how the R41 works for me. I also agree the derby blade are not that great for me, a lot of tugging, I will give it a chance in other razors I have...who knows they may shine then.
  10. Ding..... ding...... ding...... we have a winner.

    It is all in how you shave, not what you shave with that makes it happen.

    I shave with a different razor/blade every day.

    I get a BBS shave every day regardless of what products I use.

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