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  1. I have one gem, a gem g bar 2, got it on the bay uk, was hardly used and a bargain, now i mostly use straights, but do like to use my de's/singles a few times a week, as i enjoy using them, so my question is, simples:001_smile what is regarded by you gem experts as the best gem razor?
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    I can't say there is a "best." So far I like them all. $SE.jpg
  3. As far as shave quality is concerned the Ever Ready 1924 is the best, once you master the use of the razor. It is not the best SE overall, nor is it actually a GEM :001_tt2: it's an Ever Ready. However, in my opinion, it shaves the best hands down. The ER 1914 comes in second.
  4. The Gem 1912, Jr. and Damaskeene are pretty much universally regarded as the best shaving razors ever made...and I have to concur.
  5. The Gem 1912 model. Among them the Gem Jr Parade with the fat black handle is my favorite. It just feels good in the hand.
  6. I think the best shaver is the Featherweight, followed by the Micromatic Bar/G-Bar tied - YMMV.
  7. I think it is really up to the individual as to which is best....

    I am not overly fond of the 1912 pattern razors. My favorite is the OC MicroMatic, followed by the ClogPruf. I am also a big fan of my Gem Junior Bar lather catcher. I find it to be a mild yet very effective razor.
  8. My Gem lineup includes the Open Comb & Clog Pruf Micromatics, a Featherweight, & a few of the 1912 models. I have not tried the featherweight yet. The 1912 models shave well but are too mild for me. The OCMM is my favorite followed by the Clog Pruf. I would love to get my hands on a Heavy Flat Top (G-Bar) but I hear they are more mild than the Micromatics. So most likely the OCMM will continue to be my favorite even as I continue to try (hopefully) the entire Gem lineup.
  9. The Micromatic Open Comb and Clog-Pruf are my favorites. I sold the rest of mine off, which were post-war models, because they were too mild.
  10. Thanks everyone, some real good replies here, i am thinkiking of getting another gem, so i will take all comments on board.
  11. My Favorite for Face Shaving is the Micromatic Clog-Pruf followed by the Damaskeene and Heavy Flat-Top, I like Head Shaving with the Heavy Flat-top best. The rest of my SE's were PIFed away, I found the Featherweight too light, but it was an easy Razor to learn SE shaving Techniques.
  12. The Gem Junior Bar lather catcher is my personal favorite. Everything else is just more junk to get in the way.
  13. You really have to try them all, I put them in 3 groups with my favorite being the 1924 and Micromatic OC followed by the 1914/1912/Junior bar and the Clog Pruf is a good all around razor too. The Bullet Tip Micromatic is the mildest of the bunch...maybe too mild for some. If someone just wanted to try one it would be the 1912 or maybe the Clog Pruf...middle ground.
    The newer series are all good but different...lighter faster shave but just a little less close but still better than most DE razors.

    Newer SE - Contour, Pushbutton, Featherweight, G-bar

    Middle SE Micromatic series - Bullet Tip, Clog Pruf, Open Comb

    Older SE - Junior Bar, 1912, 1914, 1924,
  14. The Gem Junior Bar is my favorite, but it's a bit hard to find one at a good price, I just got lucky. I also like the the 1913-14 Kampfe SCS Lather Catcher, which takes modern blades. It's a little hard to find, though.

    Gem 1912s, or the identical 1912 models with the Star and Ever-Ready brand names are easy to find at low prices, pretty much as good as the ones above, and very easy to shave with. Mild is as mild does; they take the whiskers right off, but they are very user friendly.

    I actually haven't found a Gem SE that I couldn't get a good shave with. Even the "too mild" ones like the Bullet Tip Micromatic, or the Contour II, will do a good job once you get the hang of them.
  15. The CPMM is my favorite SE razor hands down. Followed by the OCMM and 1912 short handle.

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