A of S shaving creme has me for a loss!

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Sully2, May 16, 2012.

  1. Okie doke....its got me stumped? Why does this creme, Lemon Essential Oil, FEEL so much better on my face? What does ti have that other cremes dont have. I have ARKO creme....some Old Spice creme and some from Derby but they dont even rank 3rd place next to this AoS creme. Granted I did pay 10 times more for the AoS that for the ARKO etc...but we arent talking $$ here we are talking the product(s) themselves.

    It doesnt matter how LITTLE I dab it with the end of my brush...and then "whip it up" in my mixing cup ( it really doesnt whip up per se....more like just spreds out in my mixing cup) it STILL feels like Im putting grease paint or something such as that on my face. Not a bad feeling at all BTW.

    The box says its "Rich with glycerin, coconut oil and essential oils" for whatever thats worth.

    Anyone use AoS creme for shaving?

  2. Absolutely love the AoS shaving creams (and soaps for that matter), easily in my top 5.

    I don't get too caught up with ingredients or price either but I know what I like and what my face likes and AoS does me up proper!

    If you enjoy Sandalwood at all give AoS Sandalwood a try as well.
  3. i have AOS Lav and Lemon and love them both. granted, i have only used them a few times in rotation, but they both smell great and give me great lather and great shaves.

    of the 2, i like the Lemon better as well. but only because i just picked up CF Lavender
  4. htownmmm

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    When I first got into 'wetshaving' and discovered creams, AOS Lavender and Lemon were some of my initial purchases. Both are still in my rotation 6 years later. :thumbup1::thumbup1:

  5. AOS creams are top notch in my book. I'm not saying AOS is the best, but I don't know of a cream that's better. Sorry I don't know what's in it that makes it better than others, I just appreciate it.
  6. I enjoyed the AoS cream's scent and performance as well!
  7. ouch

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    They make some of the very best creams and soaps.
  8. I dropped the cash for the sandalwood cream and love it. So easy to whip up and slick as can be.
  9. +1

    First I evaluate good vs bad. Price is all relative and a very distant second concern. As much as people mope about the price of many soaps or creams, I think the overwhelming majority of people here have far more products than they really need, and the price differential of 1 cream or soap is really inconsequential
  10. The Lemon and Ocean Kelp are fantastic. I can only use the Lemon because the Ocean Kelp irritates my face.
  11. With what you are describing I suspect you have a non-lathering version. Usually when you whip up a lather it does more than just spread out in the bowl and certainly does not feel like grease paint (I have experience with that having spent some time volunteering for a local theatre troupe years ago). No matter what you have, if it works for you then go with it.
  12. i think the creams are all marked "brush or brushless" at less my tubs are. but i always use a brush. i tab an almond size amount in my scuttle and take a damp brush to it. i always get enough for 3 passes, touch up, some left on face and then a bunch rinsed down the drain.

    it lathers up thick and creamy, not airy of fluffy and does not break down in my scuttle.

  13. THERE you have it! Thick and creamy..and definitely NOT a bunch of air in it at all....
  14. nope, not airy at all. it's a fantastic performer and leaves my face feeling fantastic.

    air = too much water or not enough product used

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