A note of thanks to Troy (TheGRman) and Karen Tinnean.

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  1. Good evening all!

    I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to Troy (TheGRman on here) at the Groom Room in Ames, IA. After reading about a miserable shave experience I had with an East Coast barber (link below), Troy expressed his sincere wishes that he could "restore my faith" in the barber shop shave. During a cross-country hiking trip, my Brother and I decided to drive up from Kansas City and take him up on his offer. Let me just say that even though it was a couple of hours out of our way, it was well worth the time spent. Troy is a modern-day barber who truly gets the "old-fashioned luxury shave". Emphasis on luxury! First off, he accommodated us at basically the last minute. No small feat in itself considering he runs an extremely busy shop. Secondly, whereas my East Coast experience was an absolute rush job, Troy kept each of us in the chair for nearly an hour! The end result (after warm lather, six hot towels, one cold towel, pre-shave creams between passes, post-shave creams and " skin foods" afterwards) was one of the most enjoyable luxury experiences I've ever had!

    Thanks a million, Troy! Be back soon!



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    I will double up on this accolade. I treated myself to their luxury shave on August 10th. They opened early Saturday to make sure the had the time to do it right. Boy do they! A hour in the chair with pampering from beginning to end. Troy and I talked creams, razors, aftershaves, etc. Pretty much all things shaving. He even mentioned that he is personally petitioning the health department to try to get the rules changed regarding shaving brush use in Iowa. He told me the new synthetic brushes are great performers and are able to be sterilized. Hopefully he will be successful and the shave will take one more step to perfection. Troy and Karen are great folks and I urge all of you that get a chance to consider booking a shave with Troy.

  3. Let's see. San Antonio to Ames...1042 miles. 18 hour travel time with 3 hours of breaks. $141 in gas one way if my car gets 28MPG.

    Yup. That's worth it for a good shave. I may get in the car this weekend. Seriously, I need to get busy looking for a good barber shop down here that does old fashioned shavette shaves and good haircuts. That's a really nice experience you had there and I'm glad it went so well. Awesome experience you and your brother can talk about for years. Maybe even treat yourselves again one of these days.
  4. Thanks, Jeff! We're already planning our next trip through Ames.

    Have a good one, sir.

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