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  1. I have done somethings on the forum in the first couple of week here that I did not mean to do. First off is there a place for firguring what you can or cannot post to.
    I have gotten several Rude PMs from folks saying you can't do this you can't do this. You need fifteen posts, 30 posts, must support with funds. The tone of theese PMs are very sarcastic and condescending. Please make a place that tells what you can and cannot do!!. I have been on Scuba Forums, Woodstove Forums, Guitar Forums for years and have never taken the abuse I've gotten here in the first 2 weeks.
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  2. Sorry, man. I hope you're next two weeks are better...B&B is a great place.
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    Also forum specific rules, such as those regarding participation in the B/S/T, are found in 'stickies' at the top of their respective forums. The Mods are here to help if there are any questions. Using abusive language whether in a public post or in a PM is a violation of the TOU, if you feel you have been subjected to abusive messages you may hit the report post or report PM buttons and the moderation team will be alerted to the situation and we will seek a productive resolution.
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  4. Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with a couple of issues and hope you stick around long enough to find out that this forum is probably one of the friendliest and helpful forums on the internet. Except for selling items there are very few requirements for number of posts or length of membership. (Mostly to *help* protect from an un-known coming on here and ripping someone off.) You are still welcome to purchase, however.

    Have a great day!
  5. ddown, I started off the same way, getting a message from a moderator. Don't fret, their rules are different from just about every forum i've been on. Just wait out the 45 days, post some good constructive posts, and you'll be fine. Everyone i've met thus far on here is very nice and helpful. That being said, they do have their own rules, and we do have to follow them. I've got a few wtb's that I can't wait to post... but I must!

    Welcome to the board, stick around and you'll enjoy the vast knowledge of some great people.
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    Stick around, this is a great place. Almost everyone here is very curtious, respectful and helpful.
  7. Some rules carry a bit more significance than others....that is all.
  8. This is the best forum I've been on so far.

    If you consider this place bad..I know of a forum that would make your head spin..I cringe just thinking of the place..heh.
  9. +1 absolutely! Ive not found a more courteous friendly group of gents yet. Always willing to help you out.
  10. All has not been bad after 2 weeks I can make a good lather, shave without cuts or weeps, and learn how to DE shave easier than I imagained. Just Venting a bit.
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    Ddown, glad to see you're sticking around. It takes some time to learn the rules, but it really is the best forum on the internet.
  12. My God, how dare they! That is just educated insolence is what that is, masquerading as caustic wit. The cheek of some people. PM me their names and I'll report them to the Mods at once.
  13. I get your with this is a forum. I was just venting my concerns
  14. Shame on two bad weeks, stick with it these folks are great
  15. I must say that in 9 months here this is the first time I've read about it (even though I had a fellow forum member once chastise my over-enthusiastic post after shaving with a slim dialed up to 9!).

    Stay with it ddown, this is the single greatest forum most of us subscribe to and the generosity of knowledge (and PIFed kit) is astonishing in a world that has increasingly become selfish and cynical.
  16. Thats good to hear! I hope you decide to hang around, cuz I'd like to pick your brain about wood stoves. :)

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