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  1. Over the Weekend my Father remarried after being a Widower for almost 2 years. He found a great Lady and I could not be happier for them.

    This was my Groomsman gift from him. It is an 8/8 W&B Barbers Use. Obviously it needs work, but it looks like I may be able to salvage the lead wedge and original washers. I can get the blade in good shape with a sanding progression. Maybe I can finish out this razor. I have yet to finish out anything due to workspace restrictions, but I really want to finish this one.


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  2. Looks awesome. Should clean up great. Maybe some nice dark horn scales would look pretty good.
  3. Prof. Moriarty

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    Congratulations to your father. Good luck cleaning up the blade, will be wonderful once it is restored.
  4. That should be really nice when done.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I am going to try an keep the shape as original as I can.

    Thank You for your kind words Gentlemen.

  6. That is a great razor especially coming from your Dad. Congrats to him.
    You got alot of good things going with that razor and I'm sure it'll clean up nice to be used for a lifetime.

  7. Very nice blade and congrats to your dad. He knows how to pick a nice groomsmen gift.
  8. great razor!
  9. Legion

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    That'll look cool all cleaned up.
  10. Nice razor. Congrats to your Dad.
  11. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate all the kind words. The last two years has been really hard on him. He had been with his previous Spouse for 35 years. Her passing was crushing to all of us (cancer).

    To see him happy again......nothing can describe how good it makes all of us feel.

  12. I thought I would just keep a running tally of the restoration progress here in this thread. Las night I separated the scales. I was able to save the wedge, but the washers did not make it. Mainly because they were fused to the pins and I did not have the tools to get them loose. No problem, I will do triple stacks when it is ready for pinning.

    I did a little bit of cleanup on the blade, but no sanding yet. This razor should clean up really nice. There will still be some residual pitting because I am hand sanding, but I like a little character on these old blades.

    More to come!

  13. I agree I have a few with pitting still left in them. Shows their age and gives them character like you said.
  14. It's funny... the average person would look at the razor and see a rusted spike with cruddy appendages. We look at it with the knowledge that it is a diamond in the rough. Give it some loving care and let us see how it turns out.

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