A My Carver Masterpiece

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  1. Guys,

    Had to share this pic of a razor I sent in to be restored. You can read the print on the reflection off the scales! I try to spread things around a bit here and I’m telling YOU, My Carver is my guy from now on. Yowsah!

    I might add he is a great guy to work with helping to figure out what you want and working through the restore - highly recommended. The best part is he errs on the side of over-communication.



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  2. The quality of his work is simply stunning. He is one very talented bloke.
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  4. that is nice he sure does some nice work
  5. Wow! Very classy.
  6. Thanks guys. And thank you Scott. These aren't great shots but here is where it started. And as luck would have it , the plan was to use the original scales but they cracked when repinning them. I duplicated the originals in Black Horn and added stacked washers just because they look classier than plain old pins.

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  7. There's got to be some kind of witch-craft involved here...

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  9. Great work as always.

    Glad to see you back in the board.
  10. Wid


    Very nice indeed.
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  12. I'm convinced Mycarver is a wizard. I love his work and enjoy seeing what he does... I would say I aspire to be like him but that would be false... he is so many steps above me that I just watch and enjoy. I showed his Gold Dollar 7 day set to the wife last night. She has seen my work with GDs, given them the obligatory compliments on my skill, but she just looked at his and shook her head. "That's impossible."... then she started chuckling when she saw his 57 Chevy GD.

    If you want a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for display, it would be one of his. He sets the bar impossibly high for us and I love him for it.
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    Can't wait until the custom line comes out! I should be pretty high on the list!
  14. Amazing job! Glad to see you here Mark.

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