A more aggressive safety bar razor - any recommendations?

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  1. I have a Merkur 34c HD and have been thinking about moving up to a more aggressive razor. I've been reading a lot about how in general open comb and slant bars are more aggressive, but I wondered if you guys could recommend a good closed comb/safety bar (non-slant) razor that's a good step up in aggressiveness from the 34c. Ideally I'm looking for a non-vintage model (for ease of purchase) and a non-adjustable (too many variables for me at this time maybe).

    Any ideas?
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  2. In my experience, OC's are not inherently more aggressive than SB's. Some of the mildest razors in my rotation are OC's, like my 2010 R41, and the the most aggressive is a Cobra Classic, which is a solid bar.
    If you're looking to go more aggressive than what you have you can go to Tradere SB or OC, and R89 or D89, or a Joris, FaTip, or 2013 R41, depending on how much more aggressive a shave you want. There are plenty of threads on all these razors that you can review to get a feel for each of them. You could also go with an adjustable and have the full range of adjustment, and many prefer this choice. Probably the most popular suggestion will be a vintage New Improved short or long tooth Gillette. Inexpensive and great shavers.
  3. If you are not adverse to getting an older SE razor there are some killer safety bar SE razors that will surprise you

    Flying wing

    All safety bars and all very close shaving tools
  4. If you really want another razor than go for that R41. That'll do it for you.
  5. +1 on the Progress. One of the best de's I have used. Set it to 2 or 3 and leave it till you get it
  6. ATT Titan H1
  7. i wouldn't disregard the Merkur Progress because it is an adjustable. Try it at setting 1 or 2 to start and you will find it shaves as well or better than the 34C and then you can move up from there once you are comfortable with your technique. It is one of the best shavers. You may also want to consider a Weber; stainless steel razor for a great price. Good luck.
  8. How about a Gillette Super Speed Red Tip?

    Or a Gillette Fat Boy, set on one of the higher settings?
  9. I love my Capa Negra from Razorbladesandmore. It's pretty aggressive but easy to find the sweet spot with.
  10. franz

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    I second the recommendation for the Progress, and while you're at it you might consider the Futur, too. Both are excellent shavers in my opinion, the Progress being slightly more user-friendly.

    If you dig around in the Wiki, you'll find a table of blade gaps for many razors -- so you'd be able to check how the 34C compares to others you're considering, including adjustables at various settings. (Keep in mind that aggressiveness is more complicated than just blade gap and also involves variables like weight, blade curvature/ exposure, etc.)

    Enjoy the hunt!
  11. Huge fan of Above the Tie Atlas. R plate is more aggressive than Merkur HD. The H plate is crazy aggressive.
  12. +1 on the Red Tip. At around $20 for a decent one on eBay, it's an inexpensive try out.
  13. You could also try shimming your 34C...
  14. Honestly my cadet TTO is pretty darn aggressive and for the price it's pretty hard to beat (IMO). It's like if a slim could be set to 10. I like it a lot and it will definitely stay in the rotation.

    I tried to get a view of the blade close up but my phone wouldn't focus....
  15. I really do think you should consider a slant-bar as a second razor - the 39C or its shorter handled variant is brilliant. Close, but very smooth. There is very little of a learning curve if you are well versed in your safety bar DE already.
  16. +1.... except I haven't tried the H plate. I think that the R plate would be right up your alley though.

  17. Abov3 the Tie R1, Ikon 2012 SB, or (don't be scared) a slant. The slant's aggressiveness is highly exagerrated.
  18. I agree with the R1 and Ikon 2012 SB as great, aggressive SB razors, although the price might be more than you're willing to accept. The progress would be a good option if you're interested in an adjustable. Just make sure to check whether yours requires a little tinkering to make the blade sit evenly before you shave with it.
  19. Thanks guys. There's certainly a good few options to chew over here!!

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