A Little Bit of History.....

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  1. Thanks for that...and thanks for reminding me of The Straight Dope! I used to have one of his books and forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Now I have the website bookmarked...
  2. Very interesting, thanks for posting.
  3. Interesting read.

    The anti-leg hair campaign. Hahaha.
  4. I found this thread just this morning when my wife asked the question. Very interesting.
  5. So fashion was behind it, interesting...
  6. Now you've burned an image into my mind of Vicoria naked to the waist with a straight in hand...I really don't know how to thank you. :scared::yikes:

  7. :lol::lol:
    Thanks for sharing. I always wondered why there seems to be so few ladies razors in comparison to mens. I know when I was in Germany most didn't shave.
  8. Glad to have been of service! Now to complete the mental image....for your viewing pleasure (no disrespect intended to our good friends "across the pond"):

  9. Interesting read, thanks for the post
  10. Well, when your bloodlines been imbred for generations after generations, that's what ya end up with..... WOOF
  11. Good Read Thanks !
    Enjoy Your Shave !
  12. Would be great if it were Emily Blunt doing that.

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