A good face wash brand?

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  1. I've been using the Neutrogena deep clean face cleanser in the pump bottle. I've also used the deep clean scrub too.

    I was just wondering what a good face scrub/wash brand. I kinda want more of the high end side of things.
  2. I really like the Nancy Boy mild facial cleanser. It's as good as their shaving cream.

  3. I've been a big fan of Lab Series for Men Multi Action Face Wash for a while now. It has those micro beads that helps clean out your pores. It's about $15.00 for a 3.4 ounce tube and just a small dab will do you. Use it everyday in the shower.

    Also Zihr Clean is pretty good as well. I picked up a bottle of it for around $6.00 at my local TJ Maxx. If you're looking for more of a scrub Zihr also makes one also called Scrub which is pretty mild but does the job quite well (got this for about $6.00 at TJ Maxx as well). Jack Black makes a great scrub called Face Buff. Although some have said that it's a bit too harsh. I only use it when I grow out the beard and does a great job getting rid of all the oil, dirt and grime.

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  4. I just use a bar of tea tree soap that I buy from a friend of mine's shop. Hasn't given me any problems so far and I've been using it for months.
  5. its really hard to find a good face wash, I really prefer the ones with deep scrubbing; if you want just like a regular soap definitely check out TJ Maxx, like he said ^^^
  6. I really like the face wash with the micro beads. So I might look around some places.

    Hopefully I'll get more suggestions :)
  7. If you are looking for high end, I'd really like to recommend the brands Clarins and REN. As for Clarins you want their daily face wash or if you want something with micro beads that exfoliates, try their 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser. Really nice and a little bit goes a long way. Had my bottle with 125ml (I think 4.1oz or something in your measurements) for about 6 months now and I'm not a third way through. If Clarins doesn't fall into what you are looking for, try any cleanser from REN. Excellent brand, I can basically pick any product up without any hesitation and without reading what it is and know it is good.
  8. A buddy of mine, Arley, told me about Noxzema Triple Clean; it's inexpensive, cleansing without being drying, and refreshing on one's skin. Very nice facial cleanser.
  9. Thanks I'll try those brands out.
  10. I like Mario Badescu products. You can buy it online from the website or in stores like Ulta. I will freely admit that I started using it because of my girlfriend, but the products are all great and pretty natural. I've got very oil skin that is acne prone, and I've found that for me the facial cleanser followed by a toner works great. YMMV (that's the first time I've got to use that acronym).
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  12. lacrossestar PIF'ed me some Real Shaving Company face wash that I think is a really good one. But most of my prior experience is with bar soaps and the occasional "not for me" higher end thing.
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    Every Man Jack Face Scrub
  14. I might try the Lab series was but I'll have to find it in a store because it's $7 more on Amazon.

    I have a few more weeks until my Neutrogena is gone so I'll have time to look at CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.
  15. Neutrogena face bar is all you need. The scrubbing should come from the wash clothe/pad/loofah not the cleanser. Neutrogena and bare hands works pretty well too.
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  16. You can usually find it at department stores like Macy's or Nordstroms. Also Ulta sells it as well. If you look around the net you can usually find a coupon for Ulta or get on their email list.
  17. Yeah I live in a small town in Louisiana so we don't have a Macy's or Nordstroms. I'll check out Ulta though thanks again.

    I really don't use bar soaps anymore so the Neutrogena face bar is out.
  18. I use Clean and Clear Morning Burst four days of the week.. the other three days I use Nivea Revitalizing Face Scrub (recommends using it two or three times a week, so I stick with that).
  19. Kiehl's facial fuel, that stuff is magic even when your not shaving.
  20. I just got a sample of this! hope its as good for me as it is for you!

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