A cluster of tiny whiteheads/pus-filled pimples?

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  1. Quick question about a condition, which I sporadically experience in small areas of recently shaved skin.

    At times, (such as this morning) I will notice a small "cluster" (3-4 or more) of "whiteheads/tiny pus-filled pimples) in an area , which I have recently shaved. Is this a telltale sign of razor burn or any other shaving affliction? This doesn't happen to me on any kind of regular basis, but every ONCE in a while, I will notice (like say 18-24 hours after shaving) that I will have a small cluster of these tiny whiteheads in a relatively small "shaving" area. Sometimes they appear above my top lip, in one of the areas where my "moustache" grows, but this morning (I shaved yesterday afternoon around 4 pm) I had about 4-5 of these tiny, whiteheads below my bottom lip, on my chin. They aren't painful, and they are pretty small, but (when they appear) there are always like 3 or more of them, all in close proximity to one another.

    Is this a sign that I am doing something incorrectly when I shave? Perhaps I pressed down on the razor while shaving this particular area yesterday, resulting in the whiteheads/pimples? As always, your help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I don't know for sure ... this doesn't happen to me. If it is a moving condition, perhaps it is a reaction to shaving a bit too close and the soap or after shave treatment you use. I'd modify one thing at a time to see if the sporadic condition disappears.

    Good Luck!
  3. I sometimes get this also. Usually it happens under my lip or in/around that area. I think it has to do with the pressure and maybe just the overall sensitivity of that area. I have acne-prone, oily skin and I think I might be irritating that area a bit too much.

    I'm switching my shave soap to "Kiss My Face" unscented, because I have a feeling it might be the soap clogging my pores.
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    One easy way to know it, stop shaving for a few days, if you still get those, it's not it. Are you using an AS Balm or Splash? I noticed that having alcohol in the AS helps my skin quite a bit. AS splash with alcohol is not for everyone but if you don't have a dry skin to start with, it might be very good.
  5. It could be the products you are using. When applying balm after shaving make sure you are not rubbing upward as you are likely to push product into your pores causing them to react. Only apply balm in a downward direction.
  6. This is good to know!
  7. This sounds like folliculitis IF the pustules are essentially at each hair follicle.

    Try this: decrease your pressure in the area, skip ATG and even XTG, make sure the area is well prepped and the beard is well softened, don't "cold" shave this area as you can get "goose bumps" which will result in superficial abrasions at the hair follicle site and expose the follicles to bacteria, wash your hands very well just before shaving, and if you're a balm guy, use a splash first - yes alcohol can be bad for the skin but razors used to kill people from nothing more than cellulitis/erysipelas.
  8. Another vote that there might be to much pressure being applied here.
  9. +1 I got a few of these with my first razor...the "infamously aggressive" Parker 91R (aside - it's amazing how blade angle and pressure correct a proclaimed "aggressive razor").

    Long story short, these went away once I fix my technique. All that needs to be done is work on correct blade angle and apply the lightest amount of pressure possible.

  10. I get these across my lower neck if I shave ATG so I don't use ATG in that area. Problem solved.
  11. I remember Mantic mentioning this on one of his videos. He said that if you don't thoroughly rinse off your shave cream, it can clog the pores and cause white, puss filled bumps.
  12. Thanks for all of the responses, guys. I appreciate it. I am pretty sure that it isn't the products, which I am using, because I don't use an oil, an aftershave or a balm, and I have been using the same Shaving Gel for years. Since I only experience these whiteheads sporadically, I am guessing, based on ya'll's responses, that I just apply too much pressure with my razor from time to time, resulting in the whiteheads. I do have a history of occasionally applying too much pressure with my razor while shaving, and these whiteheads always pop up in the most sensitive areas of my face (the skin immediately above and below my lips). I guess I just need to make sure that I shave as gently as possible when shaving in these areas, yes?
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    Just let the razor do the work. The weight of the razor is enough.
  14. "The weight of the razor is enough"? Even if the razor is a Schick Hydro-3 or Sensor Excel? I thought that logic only applied if you had a heavy, double edged razor like a Merkur?
  15. I am quite certain Luc was assuming the use of a DE.
  16. If you are using a multi-blade cartridge razor, they do require a certain amount of pressure to work. If you are not using a DE, you should give it a try. I have never had your problem, but I did have a problem with ingrowns at the corner of my lips, which would get red and inflamed. Since switching to a DE 10 months ago, this has not happened once.
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    My mistake, I thought you were using a double edge safety razor. Cartridge razors need pressure but not much...
  18. With the grain only and go buy yourself an Alum Block.

    Plenty of info hereabouts about the mild antibacterial propeerties of Alum.

    It will also tell you when you've "stood a little close to the razor":laugh::thumbup1::biggrin1:
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  19. I got a bit of folliculitis for the 1st time several weeks ago. I saw a dermatologist who prescribed a medical cream to be applied 2x/day. The doc said to "take it easy on the shaving for a bit" which means I've just been doing a single WTG pass in that particular area of my face.

    IMO, my episode was caused by my 1st ever shave done by a barber. I enjoyed the whole experience but felt he was a little heavy on the pressure on pass 2.

    You may wish to see a doc - if the advice on this forum doesn't do the trick, or if it starts to happen more frequently. Best of luck.
  20. Well honestly the first answer to most problems experienced by people using canned goo and cartridge razors is to switch to wet shaving.

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