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  1. Would it be possible to make a wooden razor case, for one-two razors, and coat it in chromium oxide for use as a pasted paddle strop? I'm considering making a paddle strop, and I'm considering making a case for a couple razors, and I was wondering if the two could be combined.
  2. Check out Tony Miller's website. (Thewellshavedgentleman.com) He sells something that is pretty much exactly what you are talking about. Might be helpful for ideas for your project.

  3. This is absolutely possible. Put a layer of balsa wood to whatever side of the box you wish to use, and it will make a good base for the chromium oxide. It may be possible to fix it on the inside of the box instead, so there will be no chance of the chromium oxide getting on your other travel items.
  4. Thiers-Issard also make one you can see here at the bottom of the page. Similar things also come up on ebay from time to time.
  5. I couldn't find the one on the Tony Miller website, would someone please link to it? As far as the Thiers-Issard one, I was leaning more towards a small case, around the size of two classicshaving cases laid side-by-side.
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    I didn't see it on Tony's site either - maybe he doesn't make one of these.

    I personally think it makes sense to have a case and a paddle/bench strop.

    To hold the razors securely, the case shouldn't be much bigger than the razors - on the other hand, the strop should be the right width/length for stropping.

    While the TI version is neat and probably fine for travelling, I personally think a strop should be both longer and wider than the TI box strop for optimal stropping.
  7. Guess I must be mistaken. Sorry. Although, I could have sworn I remembered seeing such a thing there.....

  8. I was planning on using it more like a hone, backhoning on it, and have it hold a pair of razors and not just one.
  9. I'm sure I've seen them in the shop as well. Perhaps it's removed while they're busy making new ones.
  10. Yep, we do make one I just don't have it up today as none are ready with leather on them. The boxes are all here but I have not covered them in leather yet.

    We are only listing a limited amount of stuff the next few weeks so we can catch up on making stock.

    I'll post it again as "Coming Products" later today in case someone wants to se a photo.


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