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  1. i think it would be cool to have a get together with other people living in california. actually get to meet some of people on here. idk how many people would actually do it but i think it would be kinda cool. how many of u in cali would actually like to meet? it could be from the neighboring states as well. u feel like making the drive then who am i to say u cant come lol. this isnt me actually setting anything up. i was just wondering how many would actualy like for it to happen. i mean i would think that there are at least 20 people within a 4 hour radius of where i live that are into the classic wet shaving scene.
  2. And what would we do after meeting and shaking hands? Shave?
  3. Maybe the OP would buy us a drink at the Inn.
  4. Pass out sample soaps/creams and Treets. Who knows?
  5. Make the meet in Las Vegas. You'll figure out what to do once you get here.
  6. i didnt think of a plan or anything. i didnt want to think of how to plan the whole day i just wanted to see how many would actually go lol.

    what to do would be the biggest thing to figure out tho. i mean what is there to do besides drink and maybe show off some of ur shaving gear in like a show and tell type thing. heck idk maybe shaving samples would be good. it would give people an incentive to come.
  7. How far away from LA are you plymsatellite?
  8. Id be interested, but like the other posters said, what would we do? not sure if chatting about the razors and brushes we have would keep us going. Drinks? And maybe a few workshops for newbies about loading brushes and other tidbits? Just tossing some ideas around.
  9. We Californians always have to have a "catch." We can't just meet and hang out. We always need a little something else. But why not have Mantic59 donate his time to us or skype us...
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    how about a williams lathering contest ?
  11. i live in fresno so about 4-6 hours from LA depending on traffic. i HATE the traffic in LA, idk how people can live there. u can keep it.
  12. lol yea thats funny how there has to be a catch, but at the same time if there wasnt a catch then after we met, ate a lunch, and talked about stuff then what would we do? it would be a long trip just to meet someone u dont even know for a couple hours??? there would have to be something planned or i dont htink people would come
  13. Maybe you could start a California RAD 12-step encounter group. :)
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  14. Maybe they could shave and then have a whisker growing contest. That'll provide lots of excitement!
  15. Let's do it here in Fresno. We can meet at Whole Foods, have a piece of pizza for $2.50 and then take a tour of their Kiss My Face selection.

  16. Had a Rolex meet once. Now that was something. Shaving? Hmm. Someone would have to bring a serious collection. Nothing like hands on looking at your holy grail. A bit cheaper than my watch holy grail:laugh:
  17. This state is too big! I had an opportunity to drive from Boston to western Mass a few weeks ago--only took a few hours! Here at home a few hours is just a city to city drive; San Diego is nine hours at least from here, and I'm towards the middle of the state! Anyway, I digress...

    I must say that I like the idea of a meet-up, but Nor-Cal and So-Cal seem like two different worlds. I saw talk of a Bay area get together a while back, and I've hooked up with a member here for a beer a few months back (which was cool). I'll keep an eye on this thread...
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  18. yea getting to see a few really cool pieces from each person would be cool. i mean its not a rolex meet.... :a47: did u drive there in ur maserati??? or a ford pinto cuz u spent all ur money on the watch lol

  19. That's true of pens, watches, razors, etc. To see it in person certainly changes the mental gears from want to need and vice versa.
    Doesn't have to be expensive watches. As for my ride then.....1988 Mazda RX7 convertible :) which I no longer have. Sniff. Btw, this is a waaay cooler hobby:thumbup1: (and I might add there are gentleman in both forums)
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  20. I'm cool with the idea of getting together as long as there's beer involved.

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