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  1. Has anyone seen the Love Guru with Mike Meyers yet, and if so is it really as bad as the reviews it's getting? I mean they are really thrashing this thing in the papers/websites. One critic said it is the anti-funny movie of '08. Too bad if it is because I always kind of liked Meyers. Waynes World and Austin Powers were great characters.

    Along similar lines let's take a quick poll. What is the worst movie you've seen recently? I could name a few but one that stands out is Southland Tales. I rented this thing from Netflix and lost 2 hours of my life. What a convoluted piece of dreck that was. Fire away with your worst...
  2. Worst film... There are so many. To name a few

    1) Out of Africa
    2) Color Purple
    3) Fresh Horses
    4) Michael Clayton
  3. I think you will like it if you like austin powerss and waynes world. I thought it was good. It def. isn't a movie for little kids as it has alot of dirty humor (worse than austin powers).

    The worst, well actually most disapointing movie that I've seen in the theatre recently is Don't mess with the Zohan. If I was wathcing that movie by myself I would have walked out.
  4. Lost Souls (A Satanic thriller where Satan gets shot in the head by Winona Ryder)
    Sweet Home Alabama (Most implausible love story in the history of the world)
    Wild Wild West (An excuse for Will Smith to release a single)
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure NOT to watch it.
  6. Worst movies I've seen lately:
    Superhero movie
    Bridge to Terrabithia (long flight made much, much worse)
  7. I felt the Austin Powers movies were really rubbing bottom with Gold Member, but I like the others more with time. Worst movie I've ever seen was "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover".
  8. so many mistakes....
    Kalifornia(we wrote don't do it on the video cassette label before returning it)
    epic movie
    the 1st hulk
    these just come bobbing to the surface.there are many others.
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    We had a few threads on this subject some months ago. I'm sure someone will link to it. The guys dug up a bunch of winners (or should I say losers?).
  10. It really depends on what you are looking for in the comedy aspect. I saw it and I thought it was funny for beginning to end. Its standard Mike Meyers low brow comedy. Its not his best work but i can honnestly say i had fun watching this movie. It was funny, but again kinda low brow, which if you ask me is perfect when you wanna go catch a movie for a lauggh and not have to think about a thing

    then again YMMV, my friends sister who is 6 years younger than me thought it was garabage

    I guess it just depends on your mood and on the type of comedy you enjoy

    question two:

    Vantage Point ( by the 4th repeated of the opening scene i was getting ready to leave)
    Pan's Labrinythe ( Had so much potential but ended being a movie the emphasised how really they could make the gore look)
  11. Even the trailer for that was painful to watch. It's the Austin Powers sequels without any of the James Bond / spy satire. Ugh.

    The worst I've seen recently hands-down though was Meet the Spartans.

    Imagine 300 done in Airplane style, with a ton of crappy pop-culture references and every single damnable one of the jokes fall flat on its face. It and Epic Movie are probably the un-funniest comedies in the history of mankind.
  12. Unless you count Shrek, the last Mike Myers movie I paid money to see was "So I Married an Axe Murderer" which is a true classic. I'm not a fan of the low-brow humor he has reduced himself to. Anybody and everybody does those, and to me it takes no creative skills whatsoever to crank out a comedy based on sex joke after sex joke.

    Worst movies I've seen recently:
    The Fountain - had potential, but was so convoluted and choppy that ended up disappointing.
    Solaris - George Clooney does Sci-Fi - had me yearning to see him in a Batman outfit!
    Transformers - I really hate movies that are FX driven with plot secondary, if it is even there at all (I know, I should have expected it, but still!).
    Zoolander - A bit older, but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I actually felt IQ points leaking out my ear for the 40 minutes that my wife and I endured before finally turning it off.
  13. Wanted
    Spiderman 3
    ... I go blank after those
  14. bad movie:

    "21" - decent acting from Spacey, but storeyline is formulaic and supporting characters are all seen-it-before cookie-cutter types
  15. Hmmm, bad movies?

    Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest. Not only was it boring, repetitive, and depressingly filmed in a washed-out monochromatic style featuring an eternally overcast sky... it was 14 hours long. Unspeakably bad.

    Lady in the Water: Grass monsters? What? Did anybody besides Shyamalan actually watch this POS all the way through?

    Batman Forever: Clooney said ''I think we might have killed the franchise" proving he's not nearly as stupid as I thought he was.
  16. I think Rush Hour 3 needs to be added to the list. It is so bad that Jackie Chan even said he didn't like it.
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    +1 on M. Night Ramalamadingdong.

    What a bust he turned out to be.
  18. Rush Hour 3 was everything I ever hoped, dreamed and imagined it would be. :biggrin:

    Yea its cheesy, but I can't wait for the day that a Rush Hour marathon (1,2 &3) comes on TBS, followed by Money Talks! :wink:
  19. I liked Wayne's World and the first Austin Powers movie; the sequels seemed to go downhill rapidly after that.

    I think the problem with Mike Meyers is that both he and his audiences are a lot older than they used to be. I mean, Wayne's World was made 16 years ago, if you can believe that, and the first Austin Powers movie was made 11 years ago.

    Low brow humor in his new movies isn't cutting it anymore-it's almost like he never grew up or something. Everyone expects more out of him but he can't deliver. And don't get me started on Verne Troyer......very annoying no matter what movie he's in.
  20. Good calls!

    I don't know which M. Night movie I was hated more, Lady in the Water or Unbreakable. I watched this with a free rental I had, and, honestly, I still think I got ripped off (wasted a perfectly good free rental). Honestly, would there have been a second movie by him if the Sixth Sense hadn't been his first? Signs was tolerable, and the Village was not nearly as lame as Lady in the Water, but this guy peaked with Sixth Sense and hasn't impressed me since. Batman Forever was vile - but I still would take it over Solaris.

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