$8 Blues... or - You smoke the cigars, I'mma make the box smoke!

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Toxic515, May 27, 2012.

  1. I picked up a guitar at a yard sale last week.. It was in awful condition, but the neck was straight! SOOO, Over the course of the last couple of days, I've been working in the shop with hand tools. Here's the upshot! a $5 yardsale guitar and a $3 cigar box. (plus an old tele bridge I had laying around) I think I'll spend much of the day on my porch with the lunch box amp I built a couple of years ago... :-D



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    That's too cool.
  3. Fantastic!
  4. Cigar box and cookie tins also make neat ukuleles and banjos.
  5. Awesome, really, really awesome man! I used to buy used crappy guitars off ebay or at GC and fix them up and sell them. I would usually make a small profit or break even selling them. For me it was really more about the joy of working on the guitars than the profit. Sadly I don't play as much as I used to, but would love to start up again.

    You kind have a Bo Diddley thing going with cigar box lol. Reminds me of a local Luthier here in Chicago that makes all these really cool boutique amps and various off the wall stringed instruments and guitars (http://www.specimenproducts.com). I used bring in my Fender American to be tweaked and just marvel at all the crazy stuff he'd make.
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  6. Cool- you should cross-post in the brown leaf
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    Neat. I made this one from scratch. Fretless because I mostly (try to) play slide. It has twin piezo pickups on the inside.

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    ... all you really need is a knife, a fork and a spoon.

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  9. Very nice, Legion! I've built several full sized (electric) guitars from scratch. I stopped making necks pretty quickly because it was frankly cheaper to buy them already made. (and I really don't have ideal tools for it, so it was a giant pain!) I kept saying I was going to do a 3 or 4 string slide when I bought the cigar boxes a couple of months ago, but wound up finding the yard sale guitar before I bothered to go buy the wood to make a basic neck on my own. I bought several boxes at the time though, and will wind up doing that, as well as an ukulele for sure. I also plan on doing one with piezo 'pups as well. This just kind of all fell together so that I could knock it out during the long weekend and still have time to do all the other family stuff we wanted. :) For the moment, out of my 40+ guitars, this one's the one I'm having the most fun with because it just sounds so wonderfully dirty.

    Slash: I've done one cookie tin banjo, just a 4 stringer. I did a rather crap job of it, as it was one of my earliest experiments with musical "found object" creation. I should revisit that some time. Sadly I kind of wimped out on trying to play it like a banjo though, as I couldn't (quickly) wrap my head around the different tuning, so I tuned it like a uke and wound up giving it to a nephew. (mostly to annoy my sister)

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