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  1. This is my 7,000th drivel filled, opinionated, smart-assed post.

    So, for putting up with my shenanagins for so long, I figure to give something back to the community at large.

    Reply with "Hooray for 7K!" to be entered to win this commemorative letter opener....er.. I mean Gold Dollar razor!

    Sure, it aint no beauty queen. It's a stock GD, with a slight heel grind down to make honing possible. And it comes in a set of 1st generation Seraphim wenge scales that I had laying around from 3 years ago or so, adjustable hardware with embedded nuts on the backside aren't the slickest looking...but hey, what are you complaining about? You love free stuff, and beggars can't be choosers.

    Shave ready.

    Contest closes on the 7th at midnight EST.

    While not assuring you any preferential treatment, bribes are gladly accepted via MasterCard, Paypal, or cold hard cash.:w00t:

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  2. Hooray for 7K!

    I actually just noticed you were close. I've appreciated reading a good portion of those 7k Craig. Thanks for all the info and comedy you share.
  3. Hooray for 7K!

    Grats on the 7K posts!! This razor cannot be shaved with obviously....

    BTW you didn't include your paypal id for bribes !
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  4. Hooray for 7K!

  5. Hooray for 7K!

    Congrats, man! I, too, have enjoyed reading about your Gold Dollar adventures.
  6. Hooray for 7K!

    Congrats! It's a great looking razor!
  7. Hooray for 7K!

    What, Gold Dollars aren't shave ready? :) :)
  8. Hooray for 7K!

    I've been in need of another letter opener. I'm working on a seven day set :lol:
  9. Hooray for 7K!

    Thanks Seraphim, the work you do is amazing.
  10. Hooray for 7K!

    Congratulations, and thanks for the PIF.
  11. please include my humble self in this generous PIF..... i have read for years of your awesome re-do's of the great GD's... i would love to call one mine...
  12. What?!?! A gold dollar cannot be made shave ready. Maybe 15 in 100 or so. For this grand achievement I congratulate you sir.
  13. Congrats! I've enjoyed reading your posts. You inspired me to try my hand at making a GD shave ready, and it actually worked! But everyone knows it can't be done, so did it really happen? :001_unsur

  14. Hooray for 7K!

    I've always wanted to try a GD! And congrats!
  15. i'm in and, "HOORAY FOR 7K". i have enjoyed the pic's of your work alot. congradulations on reaching 7 k. tom
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  16. Hooray for 7K!

    Will it open emails as well? I don't get much paper mail anymore.
  17. With the patented USB adapter ($349.99 + shipping and handling) it very well might!

    Pic of the edge taken minutes ago:

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  18. Hooray for 7K

    Congratulations. I enjoy your sarcastic posts. Keep them coming.
  19. "Hooray for 7K!"

    And hooray for free stuff!

    Thinking I might need to get a bbw to go with it if I win.
  20. Hooray for 7K!

    I hope I win.

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