4th shave with a Derby blade: DFS!!!

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  1. go figure, but on reflection methinks it was lather that shaved the day (pun intended)

    my FOURTH shave with the same blade and today it was just smooth and glud (is that a word???) over the skin. No weepers or irritation at ALL!

    Variable you ask? Well, I DID take a little longer to get the lather just right (EJ seabuck soap w/glycerin added) and probably a little more water and a little more working it (SWMBO walked in several minutes apart and questioned why I was taking so long on the lather and then hung around sniffing the mix - she loves the seabuck). In hindsight what I THOUGHT over the last month was "great" lather may have only been "good"; the extra work really brought this thick, luxurious and glistening mix that FELT better and provided the "cushion" that I have read some post about.

    2 x WTG on face and neck all up and I was impressed. Did a XTG on cheeks to smooth it all out and then WR, alum, CR and AS.

    Good to go.

    Loading the Personna reds tomorrow.
  2. Congrats.
  3. Derby is one of the funniest blades I've ever used. Out of a pack of 10, there's usually about 6 that I just get great shaves with (3 or 4 of them) and then there's a few blades that aren't worth a flip and drag and gash their way on my face. I do love Derbys but some aren't just as good as others.
  4. Like my derby and sharks the best so far
  5. My Fatboy didn't like the Derby's, but I had some pretty good shaves with them in my SS and EJ DE89.
  6. Congrats on the DFS. I am one of the brotherhood that just can't get a comfortable shave with Derby's. YMMV.
  7. @samec,

    I know!!! First 2 shaves were average at best but today was smooth and irritation free. Wanted to load a personna red out of a sample pack tomorrow but methinks another go with this blade is in order.

    Will post outcome of shave morrow.
  8. Congratulations!

    My MMV!!!: Derby did a terrible mess on my face. However, Red Personna were OK.

    EJ Seabuckthorn is great.
  9. I tried for a 5th shave on a Derby blade and found that i needed to change it half way through .I strangely agree with you about the 3rd and 4th shaves smooth as can be .
  10. Congrats!
  11. Glad your Happy for me Personna made in USA work the best on my face
    Enjoy Your Shave !

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