4th Annual NYC Potlatch **spring update**

Discussion in 'Gatherings and Get-Togethers' started by SiBurning, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    Previous NYC Potlach meets

    If you (Waaaaah!!!) can't make any of those, post anyway. Those are just proposals based on previous years' dates, just to get an idea.
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  2. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    The 26 is clear for now. Good times.
  3. Count me in! I missed the October get together and I wouldn't want to pass up another chance to meet you guys.
    However, finding something to trade is going to be tough... I PIF'd all my "Island of Unwanted Frags"... hmmmm.....
    this could be a good excuse to buy a few items that I always wanted to try, but was afraid that I may not like.... like that rhubarb AS... and if I don't like it.... the gears are turning! :eek:)
  4. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    Potlach is optional. If I remember correctly, DunEdinRanger started it as a way to surreptitiously convert everyone to use Lilac Vegetal. I think he showed up with a case of it. We sort of use the term as an in- joke these days. You can check the older threads to see for yourself. :wink:
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  5. Sounds good - I didn't really want to buy that rhubarb AS! :001_rolle
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  6. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    26 Jan sounds good!
  7. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    I'm going to try to not miss this one.
  8. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    I'll be there if Ouch is
  9. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    Is January 26 set in stone? Right now I am not sure if I would be able to even make it, but I know that the 26 is not good. Does that make sense even???
  10. I voted for Sat. the 26th, but I can also do Sun the 27th.

    Either way, I'm in !
  11. I've got class on the 26th, so I won't be able to make it. Hopefully I'll be able to make the fall get-together. Meeting up with you guys was definitely a good time!
  12. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    No stones. Unless you bring one. If you do, I dropped a straight that could use a honing. :wink:
  13. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    For those who can't make it, propose some other dates. I'm not sure, but I think once we get to March, all kinds of commitments get in the way, so January or February are probably best. After that are summer meets.
  14. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    The weekend of February 2 is open for me.
  15. Actually, they decided to switch weeks for my classes, so I'm free the weekend of the 26th. Saturday is definitely better than Sunday though. If the date gets set in stone, I'll see what I can do.

    Approximately what time would it be? Morning, like the one in October or mid/late afternoon?
  16. Well if you wanted to go to Pasteurs , they are closed on sundays...
  17. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    The actual meets have traditionally been at 6pm, but there's usually some other stuff earlier, like a pen shop at 2, maybe 4pm at Pasteur's.
  18. Soooo.... Should we start firming up some details ?
  19. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    You start.

    We don't need to set anything in coticule for another two or three weeks, but the 26th looks very likely.
  20. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    11:30 @ St Andrews to start !! Pasteurs 9:00.... Art Browns after SA?

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