40's SuperSpeed - wow!

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  1. After picking this guy up from cpool222 (easy transaction, recommended), I tried a slightly used Gillette yellow 7 o'clock in it that did not work well for me in a SLim. It was amazingly easy. Seem to be less mild than my Sim but not as aggressive as my Merkur 34c. No nicks and a nice BBS, seemingly without trying. I may have to try a Feather in this.

    This marks my first month of wet shaving with a DE and I can't go back. Outstanding forum we have here.
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  2. Good job, the 40's SS are great razors.
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    and we have anater one...................:001_wub::jump::badger::ladysman::thumbup::shaving::bayrum2::clap::sorcerer::happybday::c15::em2300::a29::a22::a50::a54:
  4. Good choice...

    My 40s Gillette SS is one of my favorite razors... Always an excellent shave!!!
  5. Thinking about trying it with a Shark next....
  6. And it performed superbly. I'm surprised at much more I like this than my Slim.... Feels a touch more aggressive.
  7. Every blade I try in my 40s Super Speed seems to give a better shave than in my EJ DE89L. That includes Super Iridiums, Feathers, Perma-Sharps and 7 O'Clock Super Platinums. The one exception is the 7 O'Clock Sharpedge Yellow; rougher in the Super Speed. Don't know why.
  8. They really are a decent razor.
  9. I used my 40s SS for the first time this entire week just ending. All seven shaves were quality. I have too many other razors to keep happy, but I'll be back for more trysts in the future for sure. You betcha.
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    I went back to my late 40s super speed this week after using my merkur hd for a while. It reminded me how much I love the ss. It gives a ccs every time.
  11. They knew how to put things together in 1948 :w00t:


    They are one of my favorite razors. Great shaver, classic look. It would rate serious consideration if I was limited to only one, and it's my go to razor for travel duty.
  12. It is a fine razor. I have several and all my other razors collect dust. I am slightly curious to try a new razor, since I have never had a modern one, but every day I get such great shaves with my trusted 40's SS's that I can't justify taking my shave allowance money away from buying shave soap.
  13. Some pictures are worth a thousand words, this one would write a book....

    ***Oh yeah......aah.... Super Speeds are, aaah....aah.....what were we talking about?***
  14. If you like milder razor I think you would love edwin jagger de89
  15. They're wonderful, aren't they? I'm working through my little PIF blade sampler to see what I prefer with my two (count 'em, two!) 40s-style Super Speeds, and so far the Bluebird is the only blade (out of four, to date) that hasn't given me a very close, comfortable and good-looking shave. With two of these little guys already in my possession, I feel like I just don't care what other DEs, to say nothing of TTOs, are out there. I think I have to start wondering about SEs, if I must fantasize about even greater shaves. And of course, shaving soaps.

    Anyone have a pinup of the same vintage as a classic SE that matches Liz for glamour and elegance?
  16. I am a huge fan of my 40's SS. I've found that a Feather blade really makes this razor shine.
  17. Old Lizzie was an amazing looking lady Phew.
  18. good luck on your 40's SS, NOT MY CUP OF TEA I HAD 3 OF THEM sold all of them...........they are cool looking.

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