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  1. After having enjoyed our relationship with Floris of London for several years, we have just been informed that their new US distributor will no longer ship to us due to our lack of a “brick and mortar” establishment. Accordingly, our remaining inventory of Floris products is being sold off at the deep discount of 40% off the MSRP.

    Unfortunately, this decision was made before our order of the new line of the No. 89 products was shipped. However, while supplies last, all orders of $100 or more of Floris products will include four (4) sample vials of the No. 89 EDT.
  2. Oh, man you're killing me. How could anyone pass this up?
  3. htownmmm

    htownmmm Moderator Emeritus

    Got my JF order in!

  4. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    Jim - sorry to hear this.

    Many manufactureres of high-end products are restricting their dealings to B&M stores - in many cases to prevent discounting by the e-tailers who have lower costs and who are willing to take lower margins.

    Is your Canadian shipping program still in effect - the one where if you order $101 or more you only pay $19 for shipping, taxes and duties?
  5. Incredible deal!!!!!!
  6. Jim,

    That's a very generous deal. Sorry to hear that Floris' US distributor has made this decision.

    Sadly for me, I'm more of a Trumper's man.

    But that means plenty for the rest of the folks out there! :biggrin:

    Floris products are very nice: I have a couple of their colognes (that I bought from Vintage Blades) and really like them.

    So get to buyin'!
  7. AS IF there are any B&M Floris vendors! (How shortsighted of them, Jim.)
  8. Quick poll before i order....Elite or JF soap? Jf is nice but want something else and didnt find review on elite.
  9. Our thanks to all of you for helping us move out our remaining inventory of the Floris line. We really hate to see it go, but we have to make room for the new lines we are bringing in. You have probably seen the first with the introduction of our line from The Gentlemens Refinery.

    I am trying to update the Floris inventory on the site most evenings. However, our supply of most forms of Elite is nearly exhausted. The good news is that we have a large supply remaining of:

    o JF shaving cream
    o JF shaving soap in wooden bowls
    o JF shaving soap refills
    o Special No. 127 EDT
    o Vetiver EDT
    o Limes EDT

    Most other products are down to the last few pieces.

    I hope you will help us move out the rest. Otherwise, my Christmas shopping will have been made very easy this year. :001_smile
  10. Jim,
    I have a small business also and had one of my venders stop selling to me because we were not B&M. They put all their eggs in one basket and wound up losing a lot of business because of it. All the small shops that helped put them on the map quit selling the product, because we had to go through a middle man to purchase it. I am buying some Floris products now, but this is the last time I will buy them. I will not buy from a company that hinders a small business because they do not have a store front, very short sighted.
  11. Suzuki

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    In many cases, high-end/luxury brands want to limit distribution to B&M stores(including ones who have related e-tail sites) to prevent discounting.

    While there is a legitimate concern regarding brand profile, its often the prevention of discounting that drives this type of corporate action.

    To be fair, I'd be pissed if I was a B&M store (with the related overhead) where people came to sample, ask questions - only to have them purchase from an e-tailer to save a few dollars.

    As a consumer, I'm not happy, as its e-tailers who tend to drive prices down.

    The good thing is that Jim seems to have access to a good range of products and is adding new ones that may actually sell better than the Floris, who's creams and soaps are overpriced, as far as I'm concerned (I haven't used them, but we all know that it can't be costing them any more than the other companies to make their soaps and creams).
  12. Placed a small order for some JF tonight. Jim rocks, and deserves (and gets) LOTS of support here.
  13. i placed an order for a full flight of santal. amazing prices. sorry to see floris put the screws on a great friend of B&B :frown:
  14. htownmmm

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    Took u guys long enough!:wink:

  15. Received JF cologne, and 2 tubes of shave cream. RAPID shipping, Jim!

    That's under a week, with a long weekend in between.


    (And 4 samples of No.89 cologne. Woohoo!)
  16. i've spent more on cologne in the last week than i have in the last 10 years and i'm still thinking about those remaining bottles of limes EDT. i feel guilty for such a pricey indulgence but then i chant the retail mantra...

    sometimes you have to spend money to save money...sometimes you have to spend money to save money....

    let's hear it for shaving rationalizations!

  17. Jim, this just sucks (no fault of yours)...any chance of you teaming up with a B&M store in the future? Ship to them for re-distribution and also allow them to sell your wares. I bet someone out there (Barberofdeville?) would be willing. I only wish my barber stocked shaving stuff...
  18. You could use me as an outlet of sorts. Figure out a way to do it and im yours guys. Even if they send it to my B&M store and i just resend it to you. lmao
  19. I've not been fond of Flori's USA distributor and this makes me even less disposed to deal with them.

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