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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by The Soph Gent, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Picked this up at Lowe's. Holds 4 razors. Obviously is meant for toothbrushes. And it is definitely heavy enough.

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  2. Looks pretty nice. How much did it cost?
  3. That pretty neat !!!!!
    HI HO,HI HO To Lowe's I now must go..........................JR
  4. Nice, only problem I can see, my husband hsa over 40 razors, it would take a lot of toothbrush holders. :biggrin1:
  5. Wow! That'd be perfect in my bathroom which is chrome and glass everywhere. Do you have a part # by any chance?
  6. Looks very nice.

  7. hokahay

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    I have seven so far. I have had less than satisfying results with racks. I bought some lucite stuff on the internet. Crap, pure crap. I bought a test tube rack, to short. I google and don't see anything that grabs me. I am starting to sense a real vacuum for this product. I'm needing to feed this addiction so I am looking for ideas. This is one is nice but like she says. A four hole isn't going to get it done. Signed: addicted to RAD in florida.
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  8. Sweet!
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    in NJ its $11.95

  10. $11.00

  11. The center section comes apart. You could get a 2nd ​and probably make a 2-tier one OR just get a 2nd one and hot glue the bases togther. Just a thought. But yeah, no real room for growth. I only have 4 right now so this will do for awhile.
  12. Soph Gent--Thank you for starting this thread and sharing this--I read this at 10:A.M. and it is now sitting in my den
  13. That's a dandy looking holder. I wish I had room in my bathroom for such a nice thing. Besides, my 3 year old would destroy it (along with the razors in it). I have to keep my shaving stuff way up high on top of my bathroom of cabinet to keep him out!
  14. Ok Went to Lowe's Today and Picked up two of the Holders.

    Here is the Pic of the Item, Item Info and Price :001_smile

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  15. Looks pretty good!
  16. Thanks, For Sharing, I went and got me a couple of Holders ;o)
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    Hey! I think I'm sold. Two of those. And don't buy anymore razors or only keep the eight best out. I like the two tier idea as well. That pump dispenser looks good too! Did you look at that? I'm going to go for it tomorrow and I hope Lowe's has them here.
  18. Might could keep your witch hazel in the pump dispenser and the jar would be great for cottonballs. A complete matching set!
  19. Saw something similar in Bed Bath & Beyond today, it was a 4 toothbrush holder but was a square faux marble block. They had a light & a dark version.

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