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  1. Just finished this one up. Steel is CruForgeV and 1/4 hollow grind. Some file work on top the tang for surer grip. Honed it up with lapping film to 0.3 um and it took an excellent edge. Really impressed and like how it all turned out.

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  2. Price

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    Oh, my. :a47:
  3. Hot damn! I am at a loss for any other words. Now that makes me want to buy a kamisori.
  4. Legion

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    Neat! That's what Klingons would shave with.
  5. Wow
  6. amazing work, i love it.
  7. i approve..
  8. its very
    nice but your first just blew me away that big wedge rocked
  9. Very nice. How is it feel in the hand while shaving?
  10. Very nice. I haven't seen one from you that isn't terrific.
  11. very very cool, i love the angles
  12. Cool one!
  13. looks like a weapon!
  14. Thanks everyone!

    Works quite well. I designed it so your forefinger fits in that notch in front of the tang and the grippy jimps on the bottom help a lot as well. Pretty easy to handle and strop.
  15. Yes Joe, It looks like a precision tool. Very nice lines.
  16. nice makers marks!
  17. That's awesome!
  18. Wid


    Very nice Joe.

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