3 razor find!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by ironfist, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! Was at my usual source today and scored 3 razors.

    First is a non gold tuckaway set 1920 :)

    The next is a Gillette new ball tech, like the one in my other thread.

    And the third looks like a Gillette old from my knowledge.

    Pics to come soon :)
  2. $photo 1.jpg

    The crack isn't as bad as the picture makes out :) Nice little set :D

    $photo 2.jpg

    Can't see any dates or anything on it apart from gillette under the head.
  3. Yep its a gillette single ring old type
    Wonderful razors I absolutely love mine
  4. :D I have one i got a while ago, great little shavers =]
  5. It looks more like an Old Type head on a British NEW handle.
  6. +1

    It's most certainly not a single ring.
  7. I'm curious, how does that Frankenrazor come apart?
  8. $unscrewed.jpg
  9. Old-Type head, not Single Ring for sure!
  10. Hmmmmmm i had no idea about it was thrown in as part of the deal which i thought was alright.
  11. It could just be that the Old Type head fits on the ball end handle, and the NEW head fits in on the handle that has the Old Type head. Those are three great razors.
  12. Good theory although i know they aren't swapped as the ball tech is the gold/brass color.
  13. Awesome Find!
  14. Can't wait to try the tuckaway :D Shame it has 2 cracks =[ Should be ok as the handle is thick =]

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