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  1. Can anyone tell me who makes a 3 piece slant razor? I have a few heavier handles from BRW and UFO and would like to match them up to a slant head.


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    Merkur made a vintage travel three-piece slant that was Hoffritz branded. Currently, I can't think of anyone who makes a three-piece slant. Tradere is coming out with an open comb slant soon.
  3. Thanks James, I'll have to look around. Hopefully I'll find one
  4. POMCO also had a "Merkur" Travel razor that was a 4 piece slant.
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  5. I've been looking for one of these as well. They are indeed rather scarce! :sad:
  6. Oel


    Merkur made 3-piece slants definitely until the late 80ies, maybe a few years longer. These razors are not in production anymore. I think a 3-piece slant from Merkur with the handle of the Merkur 30c would be a real beauty, but Dovo gave me the information, that there will be no 3-piece slant in the near future made by them.

    From time to time there are 3-piece slants offered on the bay. These razors were sold with the Hoffritz, Coles and Merkur branding and maybe with other brandings.

    You can also search for vintage travel slants made by Merkur. These models come up more often that the Merkur 3-piece slants. These have also the Hoffritz, Coles or Pomco branding.
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  7. Thanks for the info
  8. The plastic/bakelite slant everybody likes now sold by the Italian Barber is a 3 piece razor and theoretically will take other handles. Might be an interesting combination if the handle does not overpower the head.
  9. They pop up on ebay from time to time and a lot of people bid on them, seems like hot comodity lately
  10. Yea I want one too :lol:
  11. Toby, I keep my eyes on eBay but I only see 2 piece slants. One day I'll find one.
  12. Italian Barber Bakelite slant can be used with other handles. The heavier handle improves that head a lot.
  13. I just purchased from the bay an unknown NOS German 3 piece slant razor. It's from a manufacturer called Lutz. I do not know the vintage or history of Lutz and I have not seen any discussion about Lutz safety razors in B&B, but I still bought it because the razor looks interesting and it was offered along with another NOS German travel razor. Pictures below - the one on the left is the Lutz 3 piece slant razor:



    Mine is the second such razor I have seen in the ebay and these don't come up often. Keep your eyes out on the bay for this one!
  14. While you are waiting to pay $150-$200 for the Hoffritz/Merkur travel slant here is something you can do for about $30.

    View attachment 293287

    The Bakelite slant head with any number of handles, this being a Sabi. Improves the shave and helps get you over the angst of waiting for the 3 piece Merkur slant.
  15. Is that the one from Italian Barber?

    I'd seen that and I thought it might be too light ... is that the idea of the heavier handle?
  16. Yes
  17. Sorry for the necro-bump. Will the vintage Merkur Slants fit a gillette handle or other handles? Like say a three piece Parker.
  18. My open comb merkur head more or less plays nice with other handles. Some get a bit firm at a point but maintain threading together. Someone else should chime in. Don't force it ever. Just asking for trouble with your cap if you do.
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  19. The head on the Lutz Slant is actually asymmetric, presumably in an effort to modulate aggression from side to side. I'm surprised you didn't mention that. TBH, I don't think it changes things much, but those solingen-style heads in general are my favorite slant heads.

  20. There is the new stainless Ikon Slant (http://www.bullgooseshaving.com/ikon-stainless-steel-slant/). Expensive, but an insanely well crafted 3-piece slant. One of my favorites
    I'm not an expert on handles, but I have read posts where others just bought the head b/c they had existing handles.

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