3-4 Month's into DE shaving and I just have a few more questions

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  1. So as the title says, I've been shaving with a DE since the beginning of fall and am still having trouble with one thing in particular. I get a lot of irritation, especially on my neck about 24-72 hours after shaving. Because of the irritation I usually shave about every 3+ days. I feel like the irritatation comes from blade irritation and ingrown hairs combined.

    I recently went a week without shaving, which is the longest I've ever gone. Since my face had a full week to recover I got a really close, easy shave and no irritation. So what can I do in order to get a comfortable shave every 2-3 days instead of 7+ days?

    TOBS avocado
    Proraso Pre
    Proraso After
    Merkur Classic
  2. Thre's nothing wrong with your kit so could this be a pressure issue?
    Failing that - just take the "blade sampler" route.
    Don't be discouraged and take your time - do not expect BBS every shave

    Cordially, AvT..
  3. Map your hair growth and give up going anything but WTG on that area. See if this helps.

    Less pressure. This can be a tough area because of the more complicated arm and wrist positions.

    Lengthen or otherwise improve your prep.

    Find a blade that works better for you.

    You could try using a shave oil under your lather in that area. Many don't like them but I've used them to help me get through tough times where I was really angering my face.

    All of those are just suggestions. I hope you can get this sorted out.
  4. Laz


    It sounds as if you have good equipment. What is your shaving routine like? Are you showering before shaving? How does your lather look and feel? How long does it take you to shave? What blades are you using? Do you feel as if you are holding the razor at the right angle and using very little pressure? Tell us about the process. There are many here who can provide great advice, but they will probably need a few more details.
  5. Angle of attack, making certain your beard remains hot, and don't let it dry out. Also, as has been mentioned already, the neck can be difficult because of the adams apple and the direction the hair grows changes.
    If shaving with the grain isn't close enough, try shaving across the grain on your second pass instead of against the grain?
    You may have tried all of this, and if so, throw this out... ~Joe
  6. What type of blade are you using?

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