2012 LE - A First Glimpse

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  1. I had the privilege and honor of meeting Rudy Vey and visiting his home this past weekend. While there he showed me the first batch of LE Keyholes that he's been turning. I didn't think to take any photos (and wouldn't publish them without Rudy's permission in any case), but wanted to let you all know that he has the job well in hand, and that the brushes are real beauties. The fine craftsmanship that we've all come to know from Rudy was very evident. Each brush is hand-made, so there are tiny variations among them, a subject that will no doubt keep us all twitching, reporting and trading for years to come.
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    Dude ... seriously ... pics or it never happened.

    (... and to go tease us like this. :ohmy:)
  3. Yeah, serious failing...I am not worthy...I am not worthy....
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