2011 Shave Purchase Sabbatical--Gentlemanly Restraint

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Vlad, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. I have been at this old-school wetshaving for less than one year. Half-way through I knew I had an AD problem, but just couldn't stop myself. Inspired by the 2010 Shave Purchase Sabbatical thread I vowed to try just going through 2010. I promptly fell off the wagon, that week, if I recall.

    But now with 30-40 creams and soaps, half as many after shaves, plenty of blades, and about 10 brushes (depending what you consider "in rotation"), I'm ready to give it another go.

    How about you? Are you ready to commit? There is strength in numbers! We can support each other! Post here and tell the forum that you can show some gentlemanly restraint, and see if you can't actually finish some product. List any exceptions you are allowing yourself, but stick to the plan.

    If you cave-in, report back and let us know what happened. However, it might be best to keep pictures limited to The Score forum, as brush/soap/cream/AS porn might be bad for morale.

    My exceptions
    • Rooney Heritage--If I get a can't-pass-up deal, I might have to take it.
    • Shavemac D01 two-band--I'm not sure I really want one, but I might. :tongue_sm
    • Group buys--There's been some talk about different things, and if one I like materializes, I'm treating myself.

    Who's with me?
  2. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    It's not even January first, and already you're making exceptions. :lol:
  3. Vlad, I joined up a month before you and thought all the guys in the 2010 sabbatical were nuts! Why in the world would you do that, I thought. Now I know, after almost a year I am at a point of almost complete saturation. I have ran through all the AD's and can honestly say every time I open my "overflow" cabinet I find some shave gear I forgot I even bought! :lol: I have more than enough shave tackle to last me at least three years! I think I am going give this a go. My only exceptions will be......

    1) My 30th birthday (My wife will have complete power of what I get off my list though)

    2) Fathers Day / Anniversary

    3) as you stated Group buys are too good to pass up.

    4) I better not forget Christmas 2011 it will still be going on then (If I can hold out that long!)

    Are those too many exceptions? Can I still get in with those?
  4. I am in.I have spent way too much money on shaving gear.
    My exceptions
    1.blades,I will need another 100 before the end of year.
    2.Latoya in a bowl and a Penhaligon soap w/tallow,if I get the chance to purchase,I will.

  5. Excellent! Though when Paul buys his blades he's in danger of playing the ol' "I only added stuff to get free shipping" ploy. :lol:
  6. I figure I'm about half way thru my SCAD, so count me out of the sabbatical for next year. Maybe 2012.
  7. It was a solid nine days, as far as I can tell!

    Vlad makes his pledge: 08-17-2010, 04:21 PM

    Self-termed catastrophic failure: 08-27-2010, 12:45 PM

    I'm with you on this one, though!

    I'm going to take the hard road here and waive exceptions. Blade inventory is going to be tight but I think I can squeak through, especially if I give my SE's and injectors some love.

    One thing, though... anything EdC strength or higher is not technically shave-related and is fair game!
  8. 9 days! :punk:

    Wow, this is looking good, except...

    Hmm, mighty big loophole here. :glare:
  9. eto


    I can't do it Im in to deep.
  10. I might hop on board on or around July 1st.

    For the rest of 2010 I solemnly swear to avoid frivolous shaving related purchases.

    Notice the qualifier? :001_cool:
  11. Well, this is a Shave Sabbatical and I maintain that colognes have nothing to do with shaving. I tend to shave at night and put a scent on in the morning.

    I dunno, though, colognes are expensive and 2011 will be rough. Maybe I should just lump them in with the sabbatical.

    It's difficult with an enormous pile of samples and a single full-size bottle of cologne (the only one I have ever bought, actually, and the second I have ever owned).
  12. I am confident that I could make it through 2011 with no shaving purchases aside from an occasional bottle of witch-hazel. But what about the economy?
  13. I'm in.. my only exceptions would be people giving it to me as gifts or items I do not plan on keeping ( I enjoy fixing/restoring brushes and straights and then giving/selling them to others for a decent entry level price)
  14. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    Nice history. But you left out this one-

    Ouch makes his prediction 8-17-2010, 5:24 PM

  15. I am in, just like in 2010, as I am sure my daughter will provide for me :biggrin1:
  16. I'm in, though my plan includes the following exceptions:

    --I've been eyeing a black-handled brush to match my black-handled Superspeed, so I should allow myself this one exception.
    --To better organize my sink, I will need a new razor & brush stand, or six.
    --I'll need a lime AS to match my Godrej lime shave cream.
    --I'll need a lime cologne to match my lime AS.
    --I recently discovered that the Personna medical blades are the best available, so I'll need a bunch of those to replace my stock of 300+ inferior blades.
    --For the health of my face, I really should get an AS balm for the winter.
    --Because we don't want to hurt our B&B vendors, really good sales should rightfully be rewarded with purchases.
    --I don't have a scuttle. Should try one.
    --Any product that might be on the verge of being discontinued is fair game.

    Other than that, I'm not buying anything.
  17. I'm in. I will make exceptions for blades if I actually run out, which may actually happen, and Proraso pre-post, whichI use every day, and which nothing really can replace. Also gifts don't count.
  18. djh

    djh Moderator

    Well, January 1st and January 2nd are holidays here......... :001_cool:
  19. beginish

    beginish Moderator

    I am so in. :001_rolle

    2 brushes are my only exceptions.
  20. Hex


    *raises his hand*

    I'm in with the exception of 2 brushes I am redoing.

    Since this is for 2011, I better get busy and stock up. :001_rolle

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