200 Derby Extra blades

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  1. 200 Derby Extra DE blades for sale still in the original cartons unopened.
    GREAT blades and one of my go to blades. Have found another I item I would like to buy or I wouldn't offer these for sale.

    $25.00 shipped to CONUS Paypal only.

    Thanks Wp

    SOLD to buddydog
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  2. Will throw in for FREE two packs of the world famous Could Be Lord blades :w00t: to whoever buys the Derbys.
  3. Now here was I thinking you were trying to sell these Derbys not drive folks away in terror!
    Here is an idea, mail out a packet of them CBLB to every member until you sell the derbs! Noone could standby and see such cruelty go on and on :lol:
  4. Are U followin' me?? :huh:
    I figgered since I had the Derbys at such a great price it couldn't hurt to sweeten the pot a mite with a little bonus gift :001_cool: :wink2:
  5. Nope :lol: I actually can't believe they are still here at this price! :thumbup1:
  6. Thanks :001_smile
    I am actually losing a bit of money on the Derbys at this price shipped but there is an ebay item I need to bid on and my PayPal needs a boost!! Its Christmas time! lol
  7. Hmm let me guess! A bottom dial FB perhaps :lol:
  8. SOLD to Buddydog

    Actually what I want to bid on ain't for me if you can believe that :001_smile
    ebay is my Waterloo most of the time.....just too tempting.
    Thanks for the bumps :thumbup1: Maybe I can sell these Derbys to someone in need of them for a decent price. Ready to box 'em up and send 'em out if a buyer shows up!
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  9. PM sent
  10. That took a long time!
  11. SOLD


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