20 shaves from a travel can of Edge

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by ateace, May 5, 2012.

  1. A while back, I picked up a travel size can of Edge gel to take on a trip that was later cancelled.

    I decided to use it up at home.

    The shaves have been surprisingly good, but the real surprise is that tomorrow's shave
    will be the 20th one from this single small can. It's just starting to show signs of running out.

    Good to know if you're on the road have no cream or soap.
  2. It works but I love Barbarsol much more.
  3. That's good to know I guess.

    Cremo and KMF have travel size tubes and you can always tell how much is left like toothpaste.
  4. I always got good shaves from that stuff as well, though my skin never felt as healthy as it does now.
  5. Where can you find Kiss My Face?
  6. Which razor are you using? Are you using a DE or a cart? Just curious.
  7. I sometimes take a can of travel-sized Proraso green tea & aloe shaving foam with me when when I'm on the road. So far I've managed to get about two weeks of shaves out of one tiny can. Always a nice surprise!
  8. @foyle

    I use Wilkerson Blades from Walmart. Ten Blades for $1.75. I have used Feather blades but those are super sharp! Any blade recommendations I should try?

  9. Well, if you're in the hunt for a good blade a blade sampler pack from West Coast Shaving or Bullgoose is a great way to find the right blade for you. I like Astra SP's myself. Having said that, blades are probably the biggest YMMV item in all of wet shaving.
  10. natural food stores like whole foods, or amazon and other online retailers.
  11. Also if you have one of the supermarkets with an organic section check there too. My local Wegmans has Creamo & Williams in the shave section, but back in the organics I found both Burt's Bee's and KMF.

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