20% Off Coupon For All Irisch Moos Products

Discussion in 'BullGoose Shaving' started by BullGoose, May 1, 2012.

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    Happy May Day. While supplies last, enjoy a 20% savings on all of the Irisch Moos products that I carry. Although the shave sticks have been discontinued, I do still have the Aftershave, EDT, Balm and shaving cream. Simply enter IM20 as the coupon code. Please note, the 20% savings pertains to the Irisch Moos products only.
  2. :(

    I just made a huge Irisch Moos order two days ago, and now this.

    Even worse, MayDay is also my birthday. Aaaargh!
  3. BullGoose

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    Never mind the coupon code...I have decided to put all of my remaining Irisch Moos products on clearance instead and am offering more significant savings. If you like Irisch Moos, now is the time to stock up.

    Irisch Moos Clearance Sale
  4. Phil, has the company discontinued those other IM items as well? (or are you just emptying your inventory of it?)
  5. BullGoose

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    No...not to my knowledge. The only IM items that have been discontinued are the Shave Stick and the shower gel. The IM shave stick was by far my best selling IM product. Now that it is gone, I figured I would clear out the other IM products to make room for different items.
  6. Order placed, thanks!

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