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  1. I have been shaving with my DE for about two weeks now, and could not be more please. I know steal away time everyday for my self to do something fun and enjoyable.

    I have been getting DFS with two passes. I have tried a third ATG pass acouple of times with acceptable results.

    I woke up this morning and could not wait to take a shower and shave! ( Never before on a Saturday!) I filled the sink with hot water and put my bowl and brush in it to soak. Took a shower, washed my face and applied proraso pre shave. Got out of the shower, emptied the bowl and sink. Refilled the sink with hot water while I shook out my brush. Put the TOBS avocado in my bowl and built my lather. I got good amount of lather this morning though not as cushioning as previous days. Lathered my face for a minute. 1st pass WTG, rinse and re lather. ND pass XTG, rinse and re lather. 3rd pass ATG much slower than first two to enjoy the sound of the blade doing its job. Took some lather out of the bowl on my fingers and rubbed it on my face checking for any left over soldiers and made some short passes to clean up a bit.
    The result was another DFS almost BBS! Some very slight irritation on my neck. Cleaned up and rinsed with cold water. Finished with some proraso after shave balm. All and all very enjoyable start to the day today and was able to open the bathroom window and enjoy the smell and sound of the much needed rain we are finally getting here in central Texas.

    Thanks to everyone here for the advise and convincing me to dive in to the wet shaving. I am looking forward to the shaves to come.
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    Sounds great!
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  5. A newbie enjoying a DFS is always good news to hear.

    Congrats, and continue to enjoy your mornings!
  6. Congrats. Nice job!
  7. Nice start of the day.
  8. Congrats. You'll enjoy it even more as time passes. :jump::a21::a5:

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