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  1. Actually I don't get it, and I'm hoping for some guidance.

    I just used a DE, not for the first time in a long time, but for the first time in my life. My head is still atop my shoulders.

    I noticed that on the blade (Merkur Super Platinum) the two edges were marked I and II. Is this so I can use up one side before using the other? Or perhaps to rotate each day? I never had much challenge concerning which side was which before. If I rotate my M3 180 degrees, I can tell after I shave that something was wrong. :lol:

    All seriousness aside, I really am curious about the markings and about what, if anything, people do to keep track of which edge they are using.
  2. I thought I heard this was done to make people ask questions. I can'timagine why it would make any other difference. BWTFDIK!
  3. ROFLMAO! Hadn't seen that one yet! Me likey :biggrin:
  4. The markings mean nothing. Enjoy your shave.
  5. They do mean something. They just mean nothing to us.:biggrin: They are part of the QC process.
  6. I always use both sides when I shave. There is no need to remember which side. I make a pass, turn it around, make another pass on that side, then rinse, and repeat. I end up using different sides equally during a shave and always using a clean edge.
  7. LOL!

    Hope Albuquerque treats you well my friend! I loved it there.
  8. the DE has two edges because 2 has more value than 1. In the early days Gillette was trying to compete with the SE blades, and they were charging people nearly $2(in today's money) per blade! Two edges were just thought to be more economical. You will see in their old ads: "12 Blades, 24 cutting edges, for $1". I doubt highly that the two edges (verses 1) were motivated by an advanced shaving technique.
  9. Thanks. I think you have gotten to what I was trying to ask.
  10. +1 on that.

    One more thing for the OP. Merkur is known for their razors and for their blades. Unfortunately they are only known in a positive sense for their razors. Toss the Merkur blades and get a blade sampler pack. There are several about but I think West Coast Shaving originated the idea so try one of theirs.
  11. Merkur blades undergo a QC process? WHO KNEW?! :lol:
  12. Actually I am just starting a sample pack from WCS. Merkur is one of 5 blade varieties in the pack. Maybe by the time those are gone, I'll have developed my technique to the point that I can tell the difference. Right now I'm simply in awe of how a DE slides over the skin, compared to my M3.
  13. Ah, OK -- you're on the right track. Usually new guys that have a Merkur razor start with the sample blade that came with it, a Merkur of course!

    I still say you should switch to something else (perhaps a Derby) before finishing up the Merkurs.
  14. +1
  15. Those numbers on the blades are the crop circles of the DE shaving world.
  16. Should I conclude that this topic has cropped up before?
  17. It sprouts like weeds. :biggrin:
  18. I actually tried doing this a few times, but found it impossible to keep track of. I believe one would need a special razor that only exposed one side or take drastic action like duct taping the other side closed. I thought this might be a good way to shave with a fresh blade every time while using half the number of blades. But it isn't practical.
  19. Bob,
    Thanks for taking an interest. I'm starting out DE shaving with a Gillette slim adjustable. I know its recommended to start with the Merkur, but RAD came early for me, when I saw the slim along with a gold, long black handle, slim adjustable on ebay.

    I have seen various comments around and about B&B, concerning the virtues of the Derby. I am anxious to try them, they were #2 in line in my intended trial. As blades go, the Merkurs are kinda pricey.

    I still don't know what I will like or dislike about a certain blade, but perhaps I will when I finish the sample pack.
  20. I got a pack of Merkurs in a sample pacl I ordered and own two Merkurs that were purchased for me as a gift, both of which came with a free pack of Merkur blades.

    I started out with the Merkurs and thought they were good till the sample pack arrived, I then thought they were rubbish comparing to a Derby or Astra so did not use any for a year. I recently went back and tried a Merkur blade and now find that they are OK....just OK not great. They are expensive for what seems to be a mediocre blade and don't think I will purchase any. Nice to try for free

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