1930s Gillette New Coming for Tomorrow's Shave

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by liv2ryd, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. I have a great looking 1930s Gillette New OC arriving tomorrow. This my first open comb and am looking for some blade ideas for that inagural shave. My current go to razors are a Red Tip and a Slim Adjustible that I typically use with Feathers, Red IP, 7 o'clocks, and Shark SS so I'm not concerned with a sharp blade if that would be the best pairing with the New. WHat would be your thoughts? THanks!

  2. If those are your go to blades I would use the Sharks as a "control" blade to get a feel for the New. After that, you can decide if you want to go Feather or 7 O'Clock (which color?). Enjoy!!!! These are great razors.
  3. I love Platinums of almost any brand in mine.
  4. I bought a 1930's open comb on the flea market last weekend. Used a Lord in it first which was quite rough. Tried it again with a Wilkinson Sword which was rather more satisfactory. I have some 1965 Gillettes, so I might try one of those next.
  5. I have this razor too it's my only DE razor, at the moment I have a Shark blade in it and it give a very good shave. The handle is a little small for me as I have large hands but still a great little razor and a nice piece of history too.
  6. Another vote for using the Shark!!
  7. Gillette 7, blue, platinum, Russia.
  8. SO here's how the shave went...fantastic! After cleaning it up a bit, and dropping in a Red Personna, I lathered with The Wool Fat and have never had a better shave. Great balance, just enough aggressiveness, easy to manuever, and from a razor over 80 years old. I have an area on my neck that I always have to buff to get BBS, but not anymore. I was amazed. What a treat and awesome piece of history.
  9. One of the finest razors ever. Good blade choice too..the reds always do a nice job for me in the New....Welcome to the love of open combs!!
  10. Another vote for the Blue 7 o'clock in the NEW. That combination has given me a solid BBS every time.

    Happy Shaving
  11. Maybe I'm a Gillette snob, but any gillette blade I've ever used has given me a great shave. But I like a feather also.
  12. I do like the Yellow, Blacks and blues in my NEW's... always a good shave. Never tried a feather in the NEW.....
  13. Thanks for all the great suggestions. This is the best forum on the net!

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