1918 Gillette (US Army) kit.

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  1. I was out browsing thru an antique shop yesterday and found a Gillette kit for $10US. Looking at the markings on the razor the best I can tell it's from 1918. The razor is is great shape and there's even still 5 blades in the box. The case lid is slightly bent and one corner is off it's little hinge. I apologize for not having pics... I'll post some later...

    Did I score if it's what I think it is???
  2. Is it a Service Set or a Khaki Set? Sounds like you might be talking about a Service Set, but either way, $10 for any cased Gillette set in basic working order is a good deal.
  3. I don't know. It has blue interior in the little black case but, the blades are in a paper box. I guess it could be the wrong case for the razor. It has a J with the serial number stamped on it and then it has U.S. Army stamped on the head as well. I could be wrong all together as this is my first acquisition. I was looking and since it's open comb I was thinking it's older. Heck, I don't know... I need to post pics so that you guys that are guru's can help me...

    Edit: The more I look it has the wrong case... I might have to look for the case and blade holder now...
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  4. The "J" series would definitely have been a razor from Gillette's contract with the Army, hence the "PROPERTY U.S. ARMY" on it. It would have originally come in a Khaki Set -- either the hard-case version I linked above, or a soft-roll version like this one. It sounds like yours may have been mismatched with a different case. If you can get some pics up we can definitely help you sort out where the pieces would be from.
  5. For $10 I would buy it for sure, whether the case is correct or not, a marked US Army WWI razor is a great first acquisition!!
  6. +1 i have to agree with this! Pictures would help out when you can. Congratulations.
  7. Nice looking razor--congratulations.
  8. Here we go. Here's the $10 one I bought. It appears to be J 5735 Property U.S. Army...



  9. Definitely the wrong case :001_smile
    But who cares, the razor looks to be in great shape, especially the handle. Is it cracked at all?
    Great $10 score, congrats!!
  10. Completely wrong case; but that razor is in fantastic condition! you got a steal at $10!
  11. I had figured out from MacDaddy that it is the wrong case. Hmm, now to find the case and other bits. Is this how RAD starts? :001_cool:

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