1912: Gem vs Everready

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  1. What are the differences?
  2. but my (albeit basic) understanding is that the Ever Ready razors were manufactured for the British market (?). Otherwise, basically the same razors.

    I'm sure there may be differences, but I'll let someone else provide detailed info.

  3. Not much if anything.
    That being said, I *can* tell the difference between the two.
  4. That is all I know that is different about them.
  5. But Ever Ready was sold in the US no?
  6. I have Ever Readys marked Made in England and if I'm not mistaken, Made in USA also. Will have to check the collection later today when I get home.
  7. I *think* they are identical and the different names have to do with ASR buying out other companies and retaining brand names to take advantage of, or at least not disturb, brand loyalty.

    I have/had a few and there were differences, but no more than the differences between samples of the same brand name. The differences are probably mostly a matter of evolution over time.
  8. Gem, Kampfe Bros./Star, and Ever-Ready are different U.S. companies that made razors that were similar in appearance but were all separately patented.

    All three eventually became subsidiaries of the American Safety Razor Company.

    And, like Gillette and other razor manufacturers, they made razors in other countries, like England.

    But none of those three companies were technically "English Companies". They originally incorporated in the United States and spread from there. For example, Gem owned the "Clemak" trademark but it was only used in England for razor sets sold there.

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